Did You Know Obamacare Can Put You In Jail?



Keystone Obamcare Cops

The Feds are building an army of detectives to target businesses and consumers who haven’t paid their Obamacare bill or who have committed other Obamacare violations.

The waste, fraud and abuse will be rampant.

Only half of the Obamacare targets have been met by the set deadlines and the consumer safety measures are going to be ignored for at least a year. Nothing can go wrong there!

This will be an inefficient, disastrous law.

It seems that the Obama administration has hired 86 CRIMINAL investigators to investigate Obamacare violators. The Affordable Care Act – Obamacare – gave HHS the authority to hire 1,814 people to include 50 criminal investigators and 261 ‘consumer safety officers’ in 2010 when the law passed. Only TWO safety employees have been hired while the emphasis is being placed on ‘criminal’ violators.

While HHS was only empowered to hire 50 criminal investigators, they decided to increase that number to 86 on their own. Who knows how many they will hire in the end, but you can be sure it will be far more than 86.

Their salaries are ridiculously generous. The lowest-level employee will start out making about $43,000 and the highest-paid will go up to about $162,000 with benefits. They will have regular raises and step increases no matter what happens in the economy. Get the details from the Daily Mail who obtained the salary spreadsheets via a FOIA request.

If you thought the IRS was bad in of itself, you haven’t seen anything yet. Obamacare with its IRS enforcement and Obamacare keystone cops will be the most invasive, freedom-robbing experience Americans have gone through yet.

Prior to Obamacare, it was estimated that about 30 million were without health insurance and now, after spending trillions, about 30 million will be without healthcare, but we now also have a potentially tyrannical government controlling us and our healthcare choices.

We need to all pretend we are Native Americans because they are exempt from the individual mandate. I’m sure I can find 1/256th Native American blood in my family history. I’m as much a Native American as Elizabeth Warren. Religious groups, inmates, and the poor don’t have to pay and it won’t pay for those of us who work to work if we have to pay for all these people.

A great deal of our Obamacare money will go to Planned Parenthood, the abortion monsters.

If the House doesn’t defund this horror of a bill, they are not doing their job.

Obamacare police will undoubtedly put people in jail and we were forewarned.

Creative people don’t have to be job-blocked thanks to ‘free’ healthcare, as Nancy Pelosi has told us, but the rest of us will go to jail. Check out the Pelosi clips:


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