Did You Know Convicted Felon Ray Nagin Is a Democrat?



Ray Nagin

Neither the NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, nor the Associated Press mentioned that former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is a Democrat when they reported his conviction for bribery today.

He was convicted of 20 federal corruption charges Wednesday for setting up” a scheme and artifice to defraud” the residents of New Orleans with bribes and kickbacks and for filing false tax returns. 

Nagin contributed mightily to media hysteria over the conditions in Post-Katrina New Orleans by proclaiming widespread death, rape, crime and violence far exceeding actual conditions, which were bad enough.

On the morning of August 26 2005, when Hurricane Katrina entered the Gulf of Mexico, he advised New Orleanians to keep a close eye on the storm and prepare for evacuation. He also made several announcements that if they didn’t evacuate, “We will take care of you.” It wasn’t until Sunday that he prepared the evacuation orders, a day after the federal government declared a state of emergency.

He is also known as a racist who once pronounced New Orleans a chocolate city – no whites welcomed there!

Mayor Ray Nagin: “We as black people, it’™s time, it’™s time for us to come together. It’™s time for us to rebuild a New Orleans, the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans and I don’t care what people are saying uptown or wherever they are, this city will be chocolate at the end of the day.”


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