Did You Know the Plan to Destroy the Beef Industry Is Underway


The anti-meat totalitarians, using health and environment as an excuse, are stepping up their demand that the beef industry curtail their operations. The extremists actually think it’s immoral to eat meat on a small planet, or they say that’s what they believe.

They have a solution to “fix” the beef industry — “sustainable certification”. All the cattle growers have to do, they are assured, is follow a few simple rules and all will be well.

The extremists involved are the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB), and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The reasons they give for having a problem with cattle is they are not sustainable. Cattle eat and drink too much, they exude too much C02, they create too much waste, they absorb too much energy, they destroy grassland, they are the root cause of lifestyle diseases, and they limit food production.

According to Tom De Weese, writing for American Policy, “the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has accepted the imposition of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.” The Roundtable is under the influence or control of the World Wildlife Fund. WWF is a leader in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), which basically sets the rules for global environmental policy.”

The U.N is not our friend and they are evil. Remember, it’s the dictator’s club and they seek our destruction.

The guidelines match that of the infamous Agenda 21, DeWeese reports

The regulations are never-ending and will continue to cost more and more over time with a needless waste of manpower.

To become certified under sustainable rules, the cattle growers must agree to greatly reduce their land use and make it into a wildlife habitat. There are draconian controls over water use and grazing areas.

As a result, the herds are much smaller and the process becomes more expensive and cost prohibitive.

The entire affair requires more government agencies with bureaucratic dictators, causing increased costs.

There are only four major packing companies and they enforce the prohibitive regulations. The cattle growers try to fight back but they don’t have the money to create competitive packing houses.

The totalitarians will destroy everything they can and control everything they can. This is tyranny and these people are politicizing everything. If you don’t accept their ideology, they will force you to accept it. It’s the very definition of all that we fought against in World War II and the Revolution at our beginnings.

DeWeese concludes:

However, the beef industry cannot recover on its own. There must be outrage from the consumers who are facing higher prices, possible inferior meat, and the danger of disease because of this sustainable tyranny. If you want the right to your own food choices instead of the dictatorship of radical Greens, then get mad. Demand that “Country of Origin” labels be put on all beef products so you know where your food comes from. Demand that the Department of Agriculture rejects this sustainable myth and protects the American free market that has always provided superior products.

The so-called sustainable policy is not a free market. It is a government-sanctioned monopoly that is just short of a criminal enterprise. Stand with American farmers and cattlemen. If Americans don’t fight back now we will lose the freedom to our own dinner plates in the name of sustainable lies.


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4 years ago

I’m beginning to wonder about all the E.coli/ contaminations in different beef products that are being recalled, including ground beef, hot dogs, steak cuts, brisket cuts, ribs …!

Red 4 Black 37
Red 4 Black 37
4 years ago

Yea they think that the internet is theirs too but we laugh and Kek even harder.