Dietary Manipulation Is a Goal of the Nanny State



We have been hearing about the trans-fat ban of late but is the problem trans-fats or people abusing trans-fats and why do the statists think they have the right to mandate diets?

Isn’t this more about dietary manipulation of the masses?

Are people wondering what will come next from those who would tell us what we can eat and drink?

Sugar has been in the crosshairs for some time and we should heed the warnings. The statists don’t take into account that people who don’t abuse sugar do just fine. They simply want to control everyone with their one-size-fits-all mentality.

New Zealand’s Public Health Association Conference was told recently that sugar-sweetened beverages should be regulated like tobacco to combat the alleged global obesity epidemic. A Professor Gerhard Sundborn of Auckland University made the claim.

We have people like Nanny Bloomberg attempting to ban large sugary drinks and the new communista mayor, Bill Di Blaseo, plans to continue Bloomberg’s fight. Henrietta Davis, the Mayor of Cambridge, Nannychusetts, also hopes to one day ban large sodas. School cake sales in Nannychusetts are banning fun foods like cupcakes. Cake sales?

A study out of the University of California blames most diseases on sugar intake. The study attempts to say that sugar is toxic and worse than alcohol. The researchers want it taxed and regulated out of existence, yet theses same people are fine with marijuana.

A very obese Tom Menino, former mayor of Boston, called for a ban of all sugary drinks on public property. He wants to fight obesity but he’s obese himself!

If sugar isn’t next, we can look to salt, fun junk food, fast food, and anything tasty. They’ll be having us eat bird pellets at some point.





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