Dingbat Nancy Blasts Reporter for Calling Foreign Invaders “Illegal Aliens”


Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), the House Minority Leader, said on Thursday that using terms such as “illegal aliens” isn’t “viewed as constructive.”

It’s definitely not constructive for the open borders crowd of which she is one.

Pelosi was holding another incoherent presser when she was asked if illegal aliens working in the U.S. hurts Americans’ wages.

She didn’t like hearing that.

“That’s not the point. Using terminology like ‘illegal aliens illegally entering the country’ is just not viewed as constructive,” Pelosi said.

The sad thing is people like this dingbat have Americans convinced they can’t even use these accurate descriptors. The politically correct mentality has not only limited our free speech, it has distorted our thinking about illegal immigration.

At first, the open borders protectors didn’t want us to call the illegal aliens, illegal aliens. Then we couldn’t call them illegal immigrants. The AP decided we could only say they are people who are here illegally. Now, we are told no people are illegal and illegal immigration is not illegal.

It is all thanks to listening to idiots like Nancy Pelosi as if we were a bunch of sheep.

These people are invading and they are here ‘illegally’ and they are aliens as in ‘foreigners’. They must be stopped. It’s ruining our country and it’s unfair to legal immigrants.

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