Dingbat Socialist O-Cortez Belittles Judge Kavanaugh’s Intellect


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a complete fool of herself on Twitter this weekend. First, she trashed the intelligence of brilliant Yale and Harvard graduate and scholar Brett Kavanaugh. She actually belittled his intelligence after the moronic statements she has made in every interview she has given. Then she posted a phony photo being widely mocked.


She tweeted: “Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t even know what birth control IS. He doesn’t deserve to pass a 7th grade health class, let alone a Supreme Court confirmation. I refuse to allow women & LGBT+ rights to degrade. I refuse to live in a word less free.” [Brett Kavanaugh only has two children so we are guessing he knows what birth control is]


Sadly, most of her followers are thrilled with the photo. These are people who vote for candidates based on appearance, gender, race, and other irrelevant criteria.

Others, on the other hand, are mocking her flashy and phony photo as she sits in expensive attire on dramatically dilapidated stairs.

O-Commie Cortez is promoting herself as a Bronx girl. In truth, she lived in the Bronx until she was five years of age and visited her relatives a lot after the family moved to a lovely, small home in one of the most expensive New York City suburbs — Yorktown.

That makes her a Yorktown girl who visited the Bronx and barely remembers living there.

She sold her candidacy and won the primary with a flashy and phony video. Now she is promoting herself with photos. Her only selling points are her good looks and her Puerto Rican heritage. She knows nothing and her Socialist politics are economically absurd.


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  1. To Eugene Gu,abortion isn’t birth control either. It is medical surgery. The choice should have been made before doing the act (sex)

    • I always say I’m ‘Pro Choice’, that women should be able to choose whether they want to be a slut or not. If they do choose to have sex, then they don’t get to commit murder just because they don’t want the consequences.

  2. Selling herself to constituents who are misinformed, who only recognize race, vote according to jealousy/envy, therefore she is their dream candidate. Leftist use Hollywood type productions to get maximum propaganda value, works every time on people whose perceptions are based primarily on emotions not intellect.

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