Dirty Tricks Tester Foiled by the Libertarian Candidate Dropping Out


Montana Senator Tester might lose this election thanks to his own penchant for dirty tricks and the win at all costs tone he sets.

The senator from Montana is known for playing dirty tricks to win, but the libertarian candidate will have none of it.

The libertarian candidate Rick Breckenridge dropped out of the race and endorsed his Republican opponent Matt Rosendale after an illegal campaign mailer — a dirty trick known to be used by the Democrat Party — tried to siphon votes from the GOP candidate and pave victory for the incumbent Democrat.

The race is in a dead heat but leaning Democrat according to a Fox News pollster.

Libertarian Rick Breckenridge, who had no chance of winning the race, took an unprecedented step in Montana politics and endorsed Rosendale, saying he’s taking a stand against “dark money” in politics.


“The reality is I’m only going to get 3 or 4 percent of the vote, and [Rosendale] has the character to combat this issue.  I’m standing in unity and solidarity with Matt to combat dark money in politics.”

The move came after an anonymous campaign mailer from an unknown group was sent out. That is a violation of state and federal election laws. It went out to people in a bid to garner support for the Libertarian candidate. That would undermine Rosendale’s election chances. We know that because it was done before on behalf of Tester.

“Matt Rosendale wants to use drones and patrols to spy on our private lives,” the mailer read. “Rick Breckenridge is a true conservative and opposes government intrusion into Montanans’ private lives.”

It remains unclear who’s responsible for the mailer. It is, however, important to note that the tactic has been used by Democratic groups supporting Tester in 2012. They sent a mailer to promote another libertarian candidate. In that race, Tester won by only 4 points while the Libertarian garnered 6 percent of the vote.

Those votes probably swung the election to Tester.

Senator Jon Tester is responsible for making false allegations against Ronny Johnson, a man who served his country. Tester assassinated his character when Johnson was nominated to run the VA. Media put the blame on Trump instead of Tester.


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