Disappearing Fans at the UnPatriotic Football Games


The NFL is finally back in Los Angeles. But so far Los Angeles isn’t showing up.

The Rams played in front of tens of thousands of empty seats on Sunday, and the Chargers are playing in a stadium less than half the size of any other venue in the league.

Last December the Cleveland Browns tickets were going for a dollar.

As of Wednesday, resale tickets for the 49ers-LA Rams were being offered on StubHub for as low as $14. That price is just cheaper than buying a pair of $7.50 pretzels through the Levi’s Stadium app and comparable to the price of a beer and a hot dog at the the three-year-old arena.

The disappearance of fans at lower-profile games isn’t only a problem in Santa Clara. This past weekend headlines slammed the Chargers for failing to fill their 30,000 person temporary home in Los Angeles. Even TV ratings are going down.

The excuses for the disappearing fans are endless but the one they never mention is the response to the disrespectful players who kneel during our nation’s anthem.

They think it’s because Colin Kaepernick, the anti-American former 49ers quarterback, doesn’t have a job.

Maybe, just maybe they should show some respect and leave politics out of entertainment?

Read about the crazy idea they have now on this link.

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6 years ago

Gives some hope for America.

Only problem is, how much taxpayer dollars will be sucked up to further subsidize the stadiums?

Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

Laugh my money makin’ ass off!!! The value of the franchises must be taking a severe hit! It may not take long for some owners to offer to give their teams away….and it certainly gives credence to the idea of massive salary reductions for these overpaid. puerile jock straps!

I may go to a PeeWee football game, a High School football game or College football game…but I will NEVER support the NFL in any possible way…ever again, no matter the skin color of the players!

6 years ago
Reply to  Jim Hawkins

They have made that decision so very easy, and reinforce it every single day …! And we know their ‘protests’ are only to grow and become louder and more frequent. And as attendance drops and all that, they will of course blame ‘racism’ … lol … not sheer stupidity.

I thank them for reminding me that … any hour I invest in following any professional sport is, any more, a waste.