Disband the Police, Use Psychiatrists!


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New “sensitivity rules” require police officers to psychoanalyze suspects and use “calming words”. While this new form of social work policing might not have hit your state yet, it will. After all, we wouldn’t want the cops to have the advantage.Let’s give the criminals, the ones who look crazed which is most of them, time to throw a knife or shoot the officers.

Is it any wonder the Democrat-run cities are a disaster, filled with crime and drugs?

Are these officers going to be held accountable if they misdiagnose?

Barack Obama’s 21st Policing is in New York City ruining one of the finest police forces in the world with the help of the communist Mayor Bill de Blasio aka William Wilhelm and Police Commissioner Bill Bratton.

Somehow the NYPD officers have to become psychologists and social workers while trying to subdue crazed criminals. Some will undoubtedly be on who knows what drugs.

There is a new mandate requiring the police to avoid takedowns also.

Instead they will say, “I am [name] and I’m here to help,” and that’s only one of the many orders in the new 16-page directive.

The cops also are told to listen closely and “Identify what the subject wants so you can determine solutions that incorporate the concerns of the subject.”

The instructions include “Emotional labeling” — by saying to the person, “You seem [insert appropriate emotion].”

Yes, it’s absurd, the cops know it’s absurd and it puts many lives in danger.

“You know what most perps say if you talk to them like that? ‘Get the f–k out of here.’ It’s laughable,” a high-ranking official told the NY Post.

“By lowering their emotional state through de-escalation, you may be able to appeal to their rational mind, which may enhance the probability that the subject will voluntarily comply,” the booklet says.

Cops must also fill out a new “Threat, Resistance or Injury Incident Worksheet” every time they fight with a suspect or use pepper spray or a Taser.

A supervisor also will be required to investigate anytime someone is injured or there’s an allegation of brutality.

Cops can’t use force to stop suspects from swallowing illegal drugs and they can’t use a Taser on someone handcuffed behind the back. Criminal drug dealers often swallow the drugs to avoid arrest and/or conviction.

“They want the supervisor — probably a lieutenant — to interview the perp and ask him, ‘Do you think the officer did anything wrong?’” a source said.

“That’s so stupid. What’s he gonna say? ‘No, it’s OK for him to kick my ass’?”

Meanwhile, the court-appointed monitor of the Police Department’s “stop-and-frisk” program on Tuesday asked a federal judge to sign off on a recommendation that the “mere presence” of someone near a building enrolled in an anti-trespassing program “is not sufficient to establish reasonable cause for a stop.”

The NYPD also has a court-appointed monitor as a result of the Stop & Frisk laws they once had (which worked).

Most drug crimes in the city take place in hallways. The projects are largely cinder block and criminals can’t be taped so that’s where they go for their drug deals. The police can no longer check those people out.

That will be most helpful to the Sinaloa cartel which runs the drug business in New York City.

Last month, I turned on NBC long enough to see a scene play out between a madman holding a knife to a woman and the police. It seemed to go on for the longest time with the police trying to talk to this completely irrational person. They did nothing until he slashed the woman’s arm, then they shot him. The NBC reporter, with a shrill and frenetic voice, said that this will have to be investigated to see if it was handled properly.

The union should demand the officers be given the opportunity to take off with pay and get a degree in psychology.

Listen to what Bo has to say:

De Blasio is also a crook.

Federal Probe of Corrupt Hillary-Ally Widens


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