Disconnected Mayor Pete sends pizza to police, they say send an apology


While Mayor Pete Buttigieg was out campaigning, a white police officer in South Bend shot and killed a black man he said was attacking him with a knife. The officer said he shot in self-defense. But his body cam was shut off, leaving community members suspicious.

A large number of people showed up at a town hall tearing into Mayor Pete while he sat behind a desk on a stage throwing the police under the bus and sounding disconnected in general.


Buttigieg previously wrote in a campaign email after the shooting that, “all police work and all of American life takes place in the shadow of racism,”  The Washington Post reported.


During the debates, he again threw the police under the bus.

Moderator and famous MSNBC conspiracy theorist Rachel Maddow asked Pete Buttigieg, son of a famous Commie professor, why blacks comprise only six percent of the South Bend Police Department in a city where they make up 26 percent of the population. The mayor said he failed to meet racial quotas [the left so loves].

“I couldn’t get it done,” he said. “My community is in anguish right now because of an officer-involved shooting, a black man, Eric Logan, killed by a white officer. And I’m not allowed to take sides until the investigation comes back. The officer said he was attacked with a knife, but he didn’t have his body camera on. It’s a mess. And we’re hurting.”

Nothing like letting the officer hang out there, right Buttigieg.

“And I could walk you through all of the things that we have done as a community, all of the steps that we took, from bias training to de-escalation, but it didn’t save the life of Eric Logan,” he continued Thursday, suggesting that Logan’s death was somehow unjustified.

“And when I look into his mother’s eyes, I have to face the fact that nothing that I say will bring him back. This is an issue that is facing our community and so many communities around the country. And until we move policing out from the shadow of systemic racism, whatever this particular incident teaches us, we will be left with the bigger problem of the fact that there is a wall of mistrust put up one racist act at a time, not just from what’s happened in the past, but from what’s happening around the country in the present. It threatens the well-being of every community.”

“And I am determined to bring about a day when a white person driving a vehicle and a black person driving a vehicle, when they see a police officer approaching, feels the exact same thing,” he concluded.

The officer in question has been exonerated by the department, but is being sued civilly. There is a Fundly page set up to help him with legal expenses.


Instead of an apology, the mayor sent dozens of pizzas to the police.

Members of the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #36 in South Bend, Indiana, want an apology, not a pizza.

Mayor Pete doesn’t connect to people.

The group issued a statement and YouTube video Friday detailing their grievances against Buttigieg. Dozens of pizzas with “from the mayor” written on the box were delivered July 5 to the South Bend Police Department, the statement said.

The Fraternal Order of Police said it didn’t go over well and he needs to apologize. “Instead, he sent us pizza.”

“If this was a lame attempt to apologize to South Bend police officers, it didn’t go over well,” Harvey Mills, the organizations President said in a statement.

According Buttigieg’s office in a statement to WSBT-TV in response: “The Mayor and members of our office have reached out to the FOP multiple times since June 16 and have not received a response.”

They want an apology.

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