Disgraced Agent Peter Strzok Chose Some Horrible Twitter Friends


Fired agent Peter Strzok was biased according to the Inspector General of the Department of Justice. The recommendation by the IG Michael Horowitz was to suspend Strzok but Director Christopher Wray decided to fire him.

Peter Strzok was in charge of the Hillary Clinton probe and the Russia-Trump collusion investigation. He is the agent who grilled Michael Flynn. And he was biased.

Hasta la Vista baby. Only, he’s not going far, he’s gone to Twitter, probably to torment the President and his supporters, you know, all of us smelly hillbillies who shop in Walmart.

Strzok hasn’t done much on his Twitter account yet. So far, he has only posted a statement expressing his sadness over being fired and he slammed Trump. He did retweet a Jim Carrey post depicting Trey Gowdy as a “vile insect”, but more revealing are the people he is following. They say a lot about him.

Strzok is following Bill Kristol, the vicious Trump hater; Scott Dworkin, a crazy conspiracy theorist; Communist-lover John O. Brennan; bus driver-Obama aide, Tommy Vietor; self-confessed liar and creative writing major, Ben Rhodes; angry Socialist Elizabeth Warren; Trump-hating John Leguizamo; Commie Vox founder Ezra Klein; Trump-hating Preet Bharara; and a whole host of other very far-left journalists at WaPo, the Atlantic, Brookings, Lawfare, Politico 50, NY Times, MSNBC, Pod Save America, and so on.

He’s even following the most insane and dumb Rosie O’Donnell.

There isn’t a normal person in the batch.

This man has greatly damaged the reputation of the FBI but he has no ability to self-reflect. We now know his taste in friends is also awful.

The account was confirmed by The Daily Caller. Jennifer Kay, a spokeswoman for Strzok’s attorney, confirmed the authenticity of the account.

And Democrats love him. One wants to give him a Purple Heart.

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