Disgraced ex-Rep Katie Hill is portrayed as the good guy on MSNBC


MSNBC host Chris Hayes on Monday night was deeply concerned that throupling Rep. Katie Hill was forced to resign. He said the “bad guys won.” If that’s the case, the throupling #MeToo Katie Hill, who slept with one female staffer and her husband, leaving them to sleep with a young male staffer, is the good guy.

Bongs and sex with staffers for Katie Hill
Hill’s tattoo in her pubic area was described as a Nazi-era cross by Daily Mail. It looks like an Iron Cross, a religious symbol ruined by Nazis when they adopted it as their symbol.

Hill reportedly has a drinking problem according to communications from family and friends and she is accused of using influence to get jobs for her husband.

“We don’t know what we don’t know in terms of relationships with staffers,” Hayes said. “She’s denied the relationship with the staff in Congress and she acknowledged the campaign staffer, so sort of putting aside that as not great and problematic and maybe there’s more of that, but it really seems like the bad guys won here, to oversimplify.”

We have texts and photos but Hayes gives her the benefit of the doubt and his guest said the publishers [Daily Mail and RedState] are guilty of “technological domestic violence.”

Daily Mail and RedState are the media outlets that reported on Hill’s alleged affairs with her campaign staffer and her legislative director. Red State also reported some very damning texts.

Hill was forced to leave because staffers confirmed the affairs to Nancy Pelosi.

Would these two say the same thing if Hill was a Republican having sex with GOP staffers? The hedonists are the good guys and the people with standards are the bad guys, according to the crazy left.

On a more serious note, read the shocking story of the hero dog at the Bablyon Bee. CNN uncovered evidence that the hero dog sniffed a lot of butts in college.


FreeBeacon had the Chris Hayes piece first

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