Disgraceful! Rep. Omar says Israel’s not an ally or a democracy


During a press conference today, Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar ranted about Israel occupying Palestine and being denied entry into the nation of Israel.

They are unabashed supporters of the Boycott, Diversity, and Sanctions (BDS) movement which seeks to destroy Israel.

Omar is claiming her free speech was hampered but the truth is that her goal in going to Israel was to promote BDS. At the point that Israel denied these two troublemakers entry, they had no appointments with Israeli officials, just BDS supporting troublemakers.

The Minnesota Rep. Omar basically said Israel is not an ally and is not a democracy. She also wants America to cut foreign aid to Israel. Over and over, Omar and Tlaib called Israel an occupying nation.

These women are a disgrace. They are anti-Semites and anti-Israel. Keep in mind that these two are backed fully by Democrats. In fact, Nancy Pelosi is looking for ways to punish the two Jewish ambassadors involved in barring the two.

As congressman Lee Zeldin pointed out, they did not have one word of criticism for Hamas, Hezbollah, or the PA. They said nothing about the barring of LGBT activities.

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