Disgusting Behavior! Graduates Boo, Shout Down Betsy DeVos


We added the clip above by Alveda King after publication because she is saying what we suspected – the protest was because DeVos is white.

The students in our colleges today have apparently learned that if you don’t agree with someone, you shut them down and behave rudely.

Betsy DeVos was met with raucous boos as she reached the lectern to deliver her commencement remarks at Bethune-Cookman University on Wednesday.

For nearly the entire time she spoke, she was booed, shouted at, and met with calls of “Go home!” from students and audience members.

The boos got louder and students stood giving the black power symbol. This was an anti-white statement.

About two minutes into her address, the president of BCU, Edison Jackson, stopped her to address the students disrupting her speech. The President is to be commended.

Jackson said degrees would be mailed to students if their behavior continued. “Choose which way you want to go,” he said.

DeVos began her speech again, but the threat went unheeded as boos picked up again. DeVos powered on, sticking to prepared remarks.

She addressed some of the opposition to her speaking at the historically black university in Daytona Beach, Florida, asking for those critical of her to hear her out, and voicing her support for HBCUs.

“We support you and we will continue to support you,” she said.

The graduates turned their backs to her. Eventually they faced forward.

A petition had been passed around prior to the graduation, demanding she not be allowed to speak but, in what is a real credit to the school authorities, they ignored it.

The irony of this is it’s a black college and DeVos is seeking funding for charter schools to help minorities.

I have had to sit through graduations with people like Nancy Pelosi and it never occurred to me to boo the witch. That’s not the way to treat people. for her part, Betsy DeVos kept her composure and behaved with class.


  1. The “disgusting” behavior was the fact the she was elected. Try listening to the opinions of the people who are now actually consumers of this education system. And if your going to write an opinion piece state that. “Face news” is news that only has one side….EH HEM!!!!!

    • “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”

  2. We are already in a have and have-not situation. It is why many, including my daughter, has had to resort to home schooling which results in a much higher skilled outcome.

  3. Why should students, during their graduation ceremony, have sit captive oy and listen to someone with whom they profoundly disagree? Devos doesn’t care about minority students, she only cares about opening an educational free market. That will only lead to the haves and have-nots. She should be supporting their schools instead.

    • God forbid that any snowflake should have to listen to someone they disagree with, Pathetic excuse for an education- they will only be able to get an affimative action government job to leech off the taxpayers.

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