Disgusting! Brooklyn College Bans Police from Campus Bathrooms


Brooklyn College doesn’t want police using campus bathrooms. Such is the state of New York City today under the leadership of a Communist Mayor who literally empowers haters and lunatics.

Cop haters on campus insist the police do not cross the quad or use the regular bathrooms. The school will allow them to go a distant building with broken-down facilities.

These men, the police, go out every day in uniform, in a dangerous city, as virtual targets, to put their lives on the line, but the cop haters just hate. They petitioned to ban the cops so the school’s public safety director warded it off by trying to keep the police out of sight.

While technically the restrooms are open to cops, the director wants them to go to the isolated building, “rather than walking across either quad to use the bathroom.”

The NY Post sent reporters to view the bathrooms police are allowed to use and found a broken toilet with a hideously stained seat and an “OUT OF ORDER” sign taped to the door of its stall.

Americans have to start revolting against this insanity.

This is what the left wants for the entire country, for every state, and when they get their permanent majority, with the help of uneducated and criminal foreigners, it will be forced on everyone. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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