Disgusting! Daily Beast doxxes black conservative over drunk Pelosi video


The evil Daily Beast doxxed a black [possibly conservative] man who allegedly lives in the Bronx and works as a forklift operator — possibly. The story is so full of lies, it’s hard to know what is true.

The victim allegedly put up the original video of Nancy Pelosi stammering all over the place and then he put up one slowed to 75% and asked if she was ‘drunk’. It was a joke and for that, the Beast doxxed him and he now has to live in fear.

He wasn’t a Russian troll. There have always been very few Russian trolls. That was another invented Democrat crisis but that is what is giving the Beast writer cover. The jerk is pretending he was looking for Russian trolls.

The sports blogger victim said he didn’t even create the video. He simply shared it like everyone else. He told the writer, Kevin Poulsen, that it wasn’t his creation, but Poulsen let every reader know he thought his prey was a liar.

Poulsen claimed the poor blogger was on probation for a domestic battery to damage and humiliate him since he is conservative. What does that have to do with the story? The man explained the details of the battery charge to the author but that didn’t show up in the story.

Poulsen did everything he could to destroy the man’s reputation. The article is despicable, trashing a common man just because he leans right. He’s not even a Super trump fan as the article claims.

It now appears the Beast writer made up a lot of the story.

The Beast victim is named Shawn Brooks and his handle is @. The article claims he made $1,000 off the clip and Brooks says that’s not true.


He says he’s not the man he’s been made out to be and has made mistakes in his life.

Sicko Brian Stelter is now helping the evil Daily Beast destroy this man for simply sharing a joke video.


  • The answer is to sue the writer and the Daily Beast. Especially if any harm or harassment comes from this. I believe the feds have laws that cover a person being harassed. The only thing companies like CNN and the Daily Beast understand is losing money.