Disgusting! Google Leak Reveals Their Excuses for Censoring Speech


Google’s power over the Internet and their ideas about censorship are very dangerous. The company should be broken up.

Breitbart got hold of an 85-page internal document that shows how Google decides to censor users.

According to Breitbart, “an official Google source said the document should be considered internal research, and not an official company position.” Perhaps that is true but it is a very bad sign.

In the document, Google justifies censorship online by describing how users are “behaving badly.” It also warns against anonymity since the user can’t suffer repercussions.


Google points to the unacceptable manifestations of “hate speech,” “cyber racism,” “trolling” and “harassment”.

“Although people have long been racist, sexist and hateful in many other ways, they weren’t empowered by the internet to recklessly express their views with abandon.”

So says our new rulers — Google.

The document complains that “minority groups once pushed underground by public opinion of their abhorrent views have discovered a safer space in which to communicate”.

You know who they think those minority groups are.

On harassment, Google says: “From petty name-calling to more threatening behavior, harassment is an unwelcome component of life online for all too many users.”

“By provoking arguments and flaming disruption, trolls threaten valuable debate and infuriate users. The problem has become so rampant that several websites have even resorted to removing comments entirely,” the document states.

The only debate they want is left-wing.

Google also makes the claim that “rational debate” is diminished when “authoritative voices” have an equal weight as everyone else’s voices.

“And rational debate is damaged when authoritative voices and ‘have a go’ commentators receive equal weighing,” the document states.

These people honestly believe the left are for freedom and the right are authoritarians.

The left has shown no signs of wanting to debate and our First Amendment doesn’t account for so-called hate speech. In fact, it’s the opposite — it protects it. Everyone must have free speech or no one has free speech.

Google’s 2016 plan of action was much the same. They held a secret meeting in 2016, after the election during which the Google leadership bemoaned the “offensive” President Trump. They said the election wouldn’t affect Google’s so-called values.

Listen to how they think:

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