Disgusting! Hillary Just Did Something Worse Than Barking Like a Dog



Democrats are panicked. Not only did Hillary blow a double-digit lead in Nevada, she’s having coughing spasms frequently while out on the stump.

Even worse, she assumed a black accent yesterday while she was with Al Sharpton, but on Monday, she even barked like a dog.

The one thing she did that was particularly awful was to sell out white people. She commanded them to admit their “white privilege.”

Her latest act of desperation is to join the attacks on whites for their “white privilege.” Meanwhile she is the most privileged person around.

White privilege of course is racism against whites invented by the hard left and she jumped right on that.

Whites also need to “practice humility,” Hillary said, instead of automatically assuming that “our experiences are everybody’s experiences.”

She is very condescending.

She’s privileged, most of us aren’t.

Yesterday, she had a 3-minute coughing fit. She’s not well. She will pass out one day in the middle of a speech and Bernie will win.


In the next tweet, you can hear her say “my lips are sealed” with a very black accent – she was with Al Sharpton at the time. Monday she thought she was a dog and Tuesday she thought she was Al Sharpton.

During her coughing speech yesterday before the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York, she said Republicans are making it harder for blacks to vote. It’s a “blast from the past” she said. Actually, the dilapidated candidate herself is a blast from the past.

Republicans are treating Mr. Obama as if “he’s not the real president,” Clinton said, and she accused them of talking in “coded racial language about takers and losers. They demonize President Obama and encourage the ugliest impulses of the paranoid fringe.” This kind of bigotry, she said, has no place in our politics or our country.

Hillary Clinton gets crazier by the day. She can’t seem to beat an angry old communist. He’s tied with her in Nevada and even if she wins in South Carolina, there is no sign that she will gain momentum. Of course she always has her corrupt Superdelegates, but that can only go on for just so long.

The FBI would do her a favor if they took her out.

If you missed her wooing the canine, vote, here you go.

  • I think that God, is trying to shut Hillary up, by making her cough, while she is in the middle of her dishonest speeches. It just keeps happening, every place she goes.