Disgusting! Jeff Flake Donates to Far-left Soros Candidate Doug Jones


The sanctimonious senator from Arizona Jeff Flake sent a check to Roy Moore’s opponent Doug Jones. He wrote on the hundred dollar check, “country over party”. Why doesn’t he just go away? He’s bragging about supporting the opposition.

He’s what is wrong with this country. Establishment insiders like him who can’t stand having anyone in their club they don’t approve of don’t care about country unless it has the word ‘club’ after it.

Mitch McConnell and the RNC have decided to financially back Judge Roy Moore in the Alabama senatorial race against Doug Jones. Jones is a hard-left radical who backs abortion to the moment of birth and won’t promise the people of Alabama he won’t take away their guns.

Jones is backed by very hard-left groups including Soros’s MoveOn.

Flake is disgusting. He can’t really believe a far-left Soros candidate is better for the country. He’s simply being nasty. Flake does nasty like no other Republican.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

A useful idiot.