Disgusting! Joe Biden Promotes Himself While Trashing Trump in Greece


It’s disgusting to see a former Vice President – Uncle Joe – go to Greece to bash the President of the United States. Democrats are the party of hate and the former Democrat leaders won’t go away after failing miserably on so many fronts.

Joe Biden promoted himself at the expense of the President in a foreign country as the President is trying to get them to cooperate with his agenda. Their entire platform is destroy Republicans, destroy Trump.

Biden knows full-well that Trump has every intention of supporting the allies. Obama was the one who couldn’t be trusted. He aligned us with terror nations and communists.

“I know at this moment there are questions about what kind of leadership the world can expect from the United States of American going forward. But I want to be very clear that there is still in the United States of America a strong bipartisan consensus in the United States, especially in the United States Congress, that European security is vital to U.S. security.

That is deeply rooted in both political parties, notwithstanding what you occasionally hear from this new administration.

And the Truman doctrine still applies.

If we falter in our leadership, we may endanger the peace of the world and we shall surely endanger the welfare of our own nation. That is as relevant a comment today as it was in 1947.

The United States has had moments of turning inward in the past, but we’ve always overcome them, just as we’ll overcome this. History has proven that the defense of free nations in Europe has always been in America’s best interest and is America’s fight.

So this is an important moment to have this discussion, to focus on the future of Europe, to renew our shared interest in Transatlantic Alliance.

And just as I promised in my final speech as vice president, I’m here today because I intend on using my voice no matter how insignificant it may become.”

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