Disgusting Response to Michael Brown Shooting in Ferguson


family of Michael Brown enter press with atty Benjamin Crump

There have been two days and nights of violent and destructive riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

The shooting of an unarmed teenager, 18-year old Michael Brown, by a Ferguson, Missouri police officer set off riots and looting. They had to close down a mall.

The yet-unnamed officer stopped the teen and his friend while they were walking down the street. One report claims that one of the two shoved the officer and there was a fight over the gun in the police car followed by the teen being shot 35 feet from the car. Another story says that the teen had his hands up when shot.

We don’t want to weigh in on guilt or innocence in this case. It’s for the courts to decide.

An intense investigation is taking place but that doesn’t matter to some people. Lowlifes, many from outside the town, decided this was a good opportunity to vandalize and steal from innocent shopkeepers. The reputable citizens are appalled as everyone should be.

Eric Holder is also jumping into the case without giving the police a chance to investigate because the victim is Black and the community is almost 70% Black.

The shopkeepers who were robbed are mostly Black and certainly did nothing to deserve the abuse.

Complex TV report:

The looting is going on throughout the area. Reports are that police are maintaining a visible presence with trained attack dogs. They fired tear gas into a crowd of rioters over the weekend.

It began as a protest and a vigil for the boy but within 30 minutes, it became a vicious assault on neighborhood businesses with at least one store set on fire, others looted and vandalized.

Undoubtedly Rev. Al would be in Missouri adding fuel to the fires but he’s busy with the New York case and will be tying up the Verrazano bridge next weekend to get justice for victim Eric Garner even though justice is proceeding. Rev. Al wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to feather his nest and stoke the flames of divisiveness.

This is is terrible tragedy of a very young man who was only two weeks from completing a vocational program with his life ahead of him. The rioters do not serve his memory well by desecrating it with criminal behavior. That will unfortunately be tied to his name.

Michael Brown has asked for no violence.

Check out the following video or alleged raw footage and decide for yourself if this is an appropriate response. The photo at the end is from a different riot but the footage seems legit.




Update: 19:00: Those arrested so far are mostly from outside Ferguson.

looters are from outside Ferguson