Disinformation Campaign Against Wikileaks Is Being Spread by the Media


The media is an official arm of the Democrat Party and they are working feverishly to make certain Hillary Clinton takes over the White House and Trump never gets to the gate.

MSNBC tweeted out disinformation about Wikileaks last week in an attempt to discredit them. It was retweeted more than 4 thousand times including by a former Bush speechwriter. These people must really want Single Payer and open borders.

MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance tweeted that the Podesta emails are dirty documents.

It has been retweeted 4.2 thousand times. The only problem is he’s wrong. Nance is an analyst who either didn’t bother to investigate or is in cahoots with the Democratic operative who actually did send out the false document, the one false document, Nance used as an example.

This is the false doc at issue.

Michael Tracey, a notable journalist, tweeted that the @OmnivoreBlog account belongs to a “prolific pro-Clinton tweeter” known to spread disinformation. Omnivore tweeted it five days before the leaks of the Podesta emails.

It was tweeted out by Joy Reid, an alleged journalist at MSNBC, and David Frum, a Bush ally and a virulent never Trumper.

Tracey responded to that as well.


Hillary Clinton admitted at the last presidential debate that Podesta emails concerning her were authentic.

Mr. Tracey also said something else worth noting – all the “sleaze bags” will return like the always-dishonest Lanny Davis. There were dangerous fools in Clinton’s cabinet like Eric Holder, Communists like Robert B. Reich, people who want some socialism like Larry Summers. disgraced liars like Bill Richardson. And there was Andrew Cuomo who helped bring about the housing crisis while serving as his HUD secretary.

Will they find a spot for the notoriously incompetent Janet Reno?

They’d better lock up the valuables in the White House and keep the interns away from the lech husband. Better get used to pay-for-play, selling of the Lincoln bedroom, Obamanism for 8 more years, and catering to violent hate groups as well.


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