Disloyalty: the New Buzz Word in Politics


by Jeanine Vecchiarelli

June 12, 2014


Conservative people have increasingly trod lightly around issues about which they feel passionate because they fear being labeled with terms such as “racist” or “extremist.” The word “disloyal” has now been added to the Lexicon of Dread, as party bosses on both sides of the aisle wield it to force free thinking patriots who identify with one or the other party to toe their lines…even if what they see violates every traditional party tenet. These folks are told, in effect, zip your lip or face the demoralizing consequences. The strategy finds its equivalence in the Amish practice of shunning, which is used to great effect when implemented. After all, who among us social creatures doesn’t mind being ostracized by our supposedly like-minded community?

Harassment has historically been the standard operating procedure for corrupt officials and their minions who don’t look kindly upon citizens who dare to shine a light on their illicit activities. People like Huntington , NY resident Jennifer LaVertu and her husband John are prime examples. Town official “big guns” put targets on the couple when they had the nerve to publicly question housing and land development policies that were clearly having detrimental effects upon their town.

The LaVertus were ultimately forced to file a lawsuit against their town officials to get them to cease their harassment. Incredibly, these statements are part of their attorney’s summary:

“…in addition to publishing a video on YouTube directly challenging Plaintiffs [sic] Free Speech, the Town initiated a campaign to harass and target Plaintiffs for their Constitutionally protected activities. Their house was targeted with baseless summonses, Mr. LaVertu’s plumbing license was threatened, and they were publicly defamed on Facebook and other avenues. Unbelievably, Town officials were caught on tape threatening to ‘neutralize’ the Plaintiffs and their activities, and commenting that ‘no good deed goes unpunished.’”

Somewhere along the line political party bosses of questionable character added a new form of harassment to their arsenals: they began threatening disloyalty charges to keep their committee members in line, especially when those members disapproved of the illicit activities the bosses undertook. Hence the decree by Rockland County Chair Vincent Reda that there exists an “11th Commandment” in the GOP committee bylaws: “Thou shall not speak ill of any other Republicans.”

The term “disloyalty” is purposely kept nebulous so it can be molded to fit the whims of those leveling the charges. The elasticity of the word’s meaning enables party heads like Reda and his ilk to ply their illicit anti-party activities completely unencumbered by any fear of reprisal. Of course, the same isn’t necessarily true for those whom these purported leaders don’t favor.

The past couple of years have seen at least three disloyalty hearings against Rockland County Republican Committee persons. In all cases excellent loyalists to traditional conservative party principles have been held up as disloyal because they dared to call out the back room deals and patronage activities that have sold out Republicanism and disenfranchised the party’s voter base.

A fourth instance where disloyalty charges actually were warranted concerned a senior operative blindly loyal to Reda. He was the proven perpetrator of more sabotage against Republicans and their candidates than the other three persons combined were alleged to commit. However, he preemptively resigned from the committee to avoid facing the formal charges he truly earned. Ironically, he is now working feverishly to collect enough petition signatures to get himself back onto the committee along with a bevy of his loyalists who aim to wrest control from its current leadership under Reda.

Lest you think the party disloyalty trend is limited to Rockland County, consider the case of Martin Dekom. A resident of Manhasset, NY, Dekom is such a thorn in the side of the Nassau County GOP leadership they are actively attempting to remove him from the committee. Never mind the fact doing so would disenfranchise the voters who sent Dekom to that committee with a mandate to work for them. His crime? He sued to enforce election laws.

Not to be left out, the Democrat party has also signed on to the disloyalty ruse. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo set the tone by exhorting his party leaders to primary every Democrat candidate who works with his/her Republican counterparts instead of denouncing the GOP. The Rockland County Democrat committee leadership dutifully fell in line by refusing to endorse and support their incumbent state Senator, David Carlucci. Carlucci is very popular among his constituents because he works hard to faithfully represent their wishes; nevertheless, he was branded disloyal because of his involvement with a bipartisan coalition that works to steer legislation in the state Senate rather than follow the strictly partisan orders of his Democrat party leadership.

The good news among all these examples is that the voting public is becoming weary of all this political posturing. Most are finally awake and aware, and they are growing agitated by the realization that this nonsensical infighting is taking place at great cost to them. One can only hope this new awareness creates a desire to finally get involved and effect change for the better. After all, the mightiest positions at the highest levels of government arise from politics at the local level.


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