Disney CEO Admits He Gives “License” to ESPN to Push Leftist Bias


Robert Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company, speaking at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in March, insisted that ABC News had acted impartially in the 2016 presidential election campaign and that criticism of ESPN for espousing leftism was “exaggerated.”

His comments were in response to Justin Danhof of the National Center for Public Policy Research pointing out several incidences of bias.

Iger completely ignored the firing of former MLB star Curt Schilling and removing NFL legend Mike Ditka from Sunday NFL Countdown.

It is now a provable lie. He is currently demanding gun control, excusing Jamele Hill for calling the President a white supremacist, and telling NFL players to kneel or speak out — they have license to do it.

Recently, Bob Iger has said he stands behind ESPN’s politically-vocal employee Jamele Hill, and has empathy for those NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem.

Deadline reported: Iger also acknowledged the NFL athletes who have lately not been standing for the national anthem, and those other ESPN employees who feel strongly on the subject, saying, “I think athletes in many cases feel that they have an obligation. Having earned the voice that they’ve earned as successful athletes, to speak out on various issues that are meaningful to them, so we’ve given ESPN license to do it.”

No license whatsoever for those who are more conservative like Schilling and Ditka.

Iger is speaking out about gutting gun rights away. He says “it’s not politics, it’s a crisis.”  He wants to know, “Where is the outrage here” since there is so much outrage over football players kneeling.

Perhaps because the gun didn’t cause this and no law would have stopped it?

At the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit, Iger asked, “In this day and age we get outraged when an athlete doesn’t stand for the national anthem — where is the outrage here?” He went on to say that people “should be demanding a dialogue from our politicians.”

The truth be told, there is no dialogue with leftists. They want to completely gut the 2nd Amendment. If you’ve listened to Jimmy Kimmel’s sobbing demands on gun control, you know where they are headed and they won’t stop with a few laws.

After he was fired in May of last year, Schilling blasted ESPN on the NBC Sports’ “The Dan Patrick Show” Monday.

“The only irony in this for me is that a company that is outwardly bigoted and intolerant is calling itself inclusive,” Schilling told host Dan Patrick.

Schilling gave a memo as an example. It was sent out to ESPN employees asking them not to discuss political issues. He added that when other on-air personalities made anti-Republican or or anti-conservative comments, no punishment resulted: They sent out memos, “Listen, we want our sports people on-air talent to stick to sports, stay away from politics and the other stuff.”

The next thing, Stephen A. Smith tells the world Robert Griffin can’t play quarterback for the Redskins because he is black, not because he sucks, which it was because he sucks.”

“Then you got [Dan] Le Batard and you got Tony Kornheiser comparing the Tea Party to ISIS.”

“So, I think what the memo meant to say was, “If you’re not liberal and you’re not a Democrat, do not stray from sports.” …

“‘The other thing that really jumped out at me was people would talk — you know, the green room where everybody hangs out, it’s the ESPN version of the locker room — a lot of times people would be like, they would come up to me and whisper, ‘Hey man, I’m with ya, I’m a Republican,’ as if we were the secret card-carrying members of some group that couldn’t be, the ‘those who shall not be named.’ The inclusiveness is inclusive as long as you are pointing in the same direction.'”

At that time, ESPN President John Skipper disputed former network analyst Curt Schilling’s claim that sports news organization prefers left-leaning viewpoints, and told reporters that the company simply has no tolerance for intolerant points of view.

“No. We have no tolerance for points of view that aren’t inclusive,” the network chief said at a press conference this week, according to Newsday.

”’Tolerance and inclusivity, the buzzwords of the Marxists.

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