Disturbing Look Into How the Obama-Holder DoJ Operated in Fast & Furious


The third Fast & Furious report by the House Oversight Committee shows a pattern of obstruction by the Obama-Holder Department of Justice. It provides a disturbing look into how government operated under Barack Obama.

Because of the obstruction of congress by the executive branch, this investigation has been going on for six years.

While the Democrats and the media have us watching the Russia hoax, the House Oversight Committee is investigating Operation Fast & Furious. It has been given little attention in the press.

What this most recent report shows is strong and shocking evidence of obstruction of congress by the Holder Justice Department.

The 262-page report shows a consistent pattern of deliberate stonewalling by the administration claiming to be the most transparent in history.

Holder withheld thousands of documents and Obama gave him cover with executive privilege. After two years, long past the media cycle, some documents were released.

The best one can say about Fast & Furious is it was insanely idiotic. A more sinister suggestion by some is it might have been part of the plan to abolish or water down the Second Amendment.

No one was held accountable, some were promoted

While managers kept their jobs, retired or were promoted, whistleblowers were punished. One agent was told he was toxic and could no longer work in Phoenix. He had to uproot his family, lost his financial security, and was treated like a pariah. Another transferred to Florida and faced retaliation. A third was demoted to a desk job and suffered isolation as a persona non grata.

There was little regard for Agent Terry and his family. The family was not told the truth and officials would not give accurate responses to congress. The reaction to his murder was inappropriate as a result.

This report is a very troubling look into the most transparent administration ever that had no regard for the public’s right to know. They kept Americans in the dark and did whatever they wanted. Even more disturbing is that Barack Obama enjoys a 63% approval rating and Eric Holder hopes to become president in 2020.

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Charles Tackett
Charles Tackett
6 years ago