Very Disturbing Report of Sharia on Social Media


There are reports that Facebook has invoked a form of sharia law censorship on its pages.

Pakistan has asked Facebook and Twitter to help identify users in violation of its strict blasphemy laws. Anyone in Pakistan suspected of blasphemy can be prosecuted and faces a possible death sentence.

If social media does cooperate, they could possibly help Pakistan kill people.

Pakistan has asked Facebook to help them investigate “blasphemous content” posted on the social network by Pakistanis.

Facebook has sent a team to Pakistan to address the issue, according to the interior ministry.

Interior Minister Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan wants information of blasphemies shared.

“Facebook and other service providers should share all information about the people behind this blasphemous content with us,” Khan said.

Pakistan has already located 11 blasphemers living abroad and they want them extradited.

Facebook said it reviews all government requests carefully, “with the goal of protecting the privacy and rights of our users.

“We disclose information about accounts solely in accordance with our terms of service and applicable law. A Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty or other formal request may be required for international requests, and we include these in our Government Requests Report,” it said in a statement.

Facebook has not yet made any public comment about the delegation they sent to Pakistan.

Twitter hasn’t responded.

Digital rights groups have criticized Facebook “for colluding with authorities and censoring content infringing freedom of expression”.

Dawn reports further that the interior ministry informed the Islamabad High Court last Monday that Facebook administration has been blocking illegal blasphemous content on Pakistan’s request and 85 per cent of such material on the social networking site has already been removed.

Has Facebook enforced Sharia blasphemy laws?

All information came via the Counter Jihad Report.

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