Disturbing Report: Who Makes the President’s Decisions


Sebastian Gorka has resigned from his post in the White House and within an hour of the public report of his resignation, an email was sent around putting him on the “do not admit’ list to the White House, which might be routine. Gorka is now speaking out, not against the President, but against the bureaucrats and policymakers who are defining his presidency in what for many of us will be very troubling if true.

President Trump is strong and seems intent on fulfilling his promises but he is surrounded by a lot of advisers who aren’t of the same mind.

Former deputy assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka resigned last week, shortly after Steve Bannon resigned and several security experts were forced out. In an article for the FreeBeacon, he describes a White House cabinet and advisers who do not even discuss the President’s agenda. They go their own way.

The bureaucrats and policymakers are opposing and contradicting the President’s agenda. Gorka is specifically referring to “tougher policies on terrorism and new approaches to countering Chinese economic warfare.”

He resigned because the threat of Sunni and Shia radical Islamic terrorism, ending the Iran deal, recognizing the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood, dealing with China’s theft of intellectual property, addressing Qatar’s terrorism, are not part of the National Security Council thinking and planning.

Mr. Gorka said: “And the real believers, the real ‘MAGA’ fighters inside the building were being progressively boxed out, or fired from the [National Security Council] which was even more disturbing.”

Opposition he says came from the “permanent state” of establishment bureaucrats and policymakers.

Gorka is now on the “do not admit” list to the White House, The Washington Times reported. Former presidential deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka is no longer welcome at the White House, according to internal Secret Service emails obtained by MSNBC. As we said, we don’t know if this is routine. Chief of Staff Kelly was hired to do exactly this.

“Over an hour before The Federalist broke the news reporting Gorka resigned, there was already an order from the White House security system not to let Gorka into the building,” MSNBC host Chris Hayes reported Monday evening.

No one in the WH is interested in President Trump’s agenda

The most troubling aspect of working in the White House for Mr. Gorka was that no one was interested in even discussing the President’s agenda.

“If you ask me kind of what the big take home is from working at that kind of level inside the government, the most disturbing thing I found is not just the lack of commitment to the president’s vision from political appointees that came in to serve the president as commissioned officers or as cabinet members,” he said.

“The real moment when the scales fell from my eyes is when after I’d been to numerous National Security Council meetings—I wasn’t a member of the NSC but I was invited to various key meetings—and you sit there for an hour, or an hour and half listening as you go around to the various outstations, State, CIA, DIA, the Pentagon, all the arms of the interagency.

“And you listen for an hour, or an hour and half, and nobody, not one participant would mention the president, or what the president said, or what the president’s mission was.”

He continually had to remind the participants what the President wanted. These officials are supposed to serve, not take over, no matter how benevolent their motives.

Gorka continued: “I don’t like the phrase Deep State, but there is definitely a permanent state that in far too many instances believes that they represent the American people when they were never elected to office and when they actually serve the White House and not the other way around.”

The mission he had upon entering the White House was to deal with the very serious threat of radical jihadism, including that of Iran; declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization; dealing with Arab pressured in Qatar; and addressing China’s massive theft of intellectual property of U.S. companies.

The bureaucrats in the White House are fiercely fighting those efforts

When he left, the President told Gorka he will “stick to his agenda” and Gorka promised to support the President.

The problem is H.R. McMaster is still in place along with all of Obama’s holdovers. It’s hard to understand why Gary Cohn and Rex Tillerson are still in their positions. Both have betrayed him in public and Tillers is not following the President’s agenda.

Former UN ambassador John Bolton, who used to visit the White House regularly, is no longer allowed to see the President. Bolton has taken to media to write articles about why we must not continue to certify the Iran deal, in the hope that the President will see them.

John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Mitch McConnell, to some degree Paul Ryan, are not working to follow the President’s agenda. They are putting roadblocks in the way of healthcare repeal, a wall, tax reform, funding Planned Parenthood, cutting government and putting forth a budget.

There is also a troubling report that 30,000 more soldiers might be sent to Afghanistan.

The tide likely won’t turn.  The employees have taken over the government.

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