DNC and Obama Watched the Russians Hack in Real Time but Did Nothing


Donna Brazile wrote in her book and told TV audiences that the DNC did nothing about the hacking by Russians for a month and President Obama did nothing for nine months. Hence the title of her book, HACKS. When Obama did do something it was to minimize the threat and tell the world he told Putin to “cut it out”.

The one obvious fact that is being disregarded in the DNC hacking by Russians scandal is the fact that the emails were accurate. They were John Podesta’s, Hillary Clinton’s, Donna Brazile’s, and other Democrats’ emails. The Russians leaked the TRUTH. Hillary lost because we found out the truth.


Former Democratic National Committee Chairperson Donna Brazile wrote in her book, Hacks, that Russians hacked the DNC servers and officials watched while it happened. And they let it continue.

The FBI never received the original servers from the DNC. The DNC refused to turn the servers over and the FBI just accepted that as Jim Comey testified.

The DNC finally hired Crowdstrike to look at the computers and it was Crowdstrike officials who said Russians penetrated the servers. Both Fusion GPS of dossier fame and Crowdstrike work for Hillary’s and the DNC’s firm Perkins Coie.  Fusion GPS recommended Crowdstrike.

There was little security on the servers and there was no security on Debbie Wassermann-Schultz’s computers unless you think sketchy, thieving IT techs can be trusted.

Donna Brazile says in her new book that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) went against professional advice and sat idly by for a month while Russians stole data because primaries were still underway in a number of states.

“For a whole month, CrowdStrike watched Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear operating.  Cozy Bear was the hacking force that had been in the DNC system for nearly a year.”

Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear are cybersecurity firms that have reported ties with Russian hackers.  Both groups are blamed for the hacks on the DNC in 2016.  CrowdStrike is a private U.S. cybersecurity firm that oversaw the protection of the DNC’s servers.

Brazile continued:

“In May, when CrowdStrike recommended that we take down our system and rebuild it, the DNC told them to wait a month, because the state primaries for the presidential election were still underway, and the party and the staff needed to be at their computers to manage these efforts,” Brazile wrote in “Hacks.”

But the election hacking also raised questions about whether the American fixation on a “cyber Pearl Harbor” — a devastating attack on the power grid, cellphone network, financial system or computer-controlled gas pipelines — overlooked a more obvious vulnerability.

The DNC servers had virtually no protections and people like John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, didn’t even bother signing up for two-factor authentication. He was also the victim of a phishing attack. She wrote:

As a detailed account in The New York Times…revealed, the D.N.C. had virtually no protections for its electronic systems, and Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman, John D. Podesta, had failed to sign up for the “two-factor authentication” on his Gmail account. Doing so probably would have foiled what Mr. Obama called a fairly primitive attack.

Now the question facing Mr. Obama is how public a retaliation to execute

The New York Times reported that Barack Obama knew for nine months and failed to take any action.

Brazile said, via The New York Times:

Mr. Obama conceded that he first heard about the attack on the Democratic National Committee “early last summer,” or nine months after the F.B.I. first alerted low-level D.N.C. officials about what had happened. That now appears to be critical lost time.

If Mr. Obama had confronted the Russians immediately, in public or in the kind of private warning he said he delivered to Mr. Putin only three months ago during a meeting in China, the United States might have derailed the hacking campaign before it harvested and revealed thousands of emails.

The servers didn’t even have an SSL certificate.

In the clip below, Brazile said the hacking was “hourly” and “right up until the election”.

Brazile said she was “briefed on the D.N.C. computer system”, adding that they [Russians] never stopped right until the election.” President [Obama] said the Russians stopped but that wasn’t true.

She said the DNC “put up the very best cybersecurity, what I call, infrastructure to stop them…” But the DNC was still under attack “daily” and “hourly” and…”data was stolen…people were personally harassed”…”there were times we thought they’d penetrate us again and we would have another breach, but “we were under constant attack…we didn’t know what was coming next.”


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