DNC CEO Pretends She Doesn’t Know How Dems’ll Pay for Single Payer


In August, Seema Nanda became the CEO of the Democratic National Committee. During a recent Yahoo interview, she was asked how the Democrat Party would pay for Medicare For All (Single Payer). Her answer is that she doesn’t know how they’ll pay for it since they are “not there yet.”

The real reason she doesn’t know is because she doesn’t want people to realize they would have to fork over half of their salaries to pay for it. As it is, only 53 percent of Americans pay federal income tax.

Democrats plan to run on it and then shove it down our throats.

Another interesting point she made during the interview is there is room for all sorts of Democrats, including Democrat Socialists in the party.

When did Democrat Socialists become Democrats? Democrat Socialists = Socialists = Communists. Their philosophical differences are insignificant. They all end up in the same place. And people should know that the agenda of Democratic Socialists is to the left of the Communist Party USA.  Check their agendas. It’s easy enough.

Correction: In our original article, we mistakenly referred to Ms. Nanda as a mathematician. She is not.



  1. Transformation of America into a Communist country, be ready to have half of your salary taxed and redistributed to those who pay no taxes. Go to any Marxist web site and they will tell you to provide healthcare for all, capitalism has to be eliminated.

  2. Repubs can’t go after Medicare, because obama raided Medicare funds to pay for obamacare, and there’s not enough to steal. It’s rich that she says Repubs will decimate Medicare.

  3. She’s not pretending, because no democrat knows how to pay for it. Oh they’ll blow smoke up your a*s, but the fact is a single payer system will cost about 3.3 TRILLION dollars a year, when the treasury takes in about 3.5 trillion a year. Anyone else see a math problem here?

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