DNC Chair Perez Won’t Rule Out Impeachment But Trump Has the Last Laugh


A reporter asked the new DNC Chairperson Thomas Perez if he agreed that “President Trump has already done several things that legitimately begs the question of impeachment and, if so, what plans?”

Perez responded:

“Are you now seeing Republicans call for a special investigation of what happened in the run-up to the election?…

…That’s disrespectful to all foxes to call it the fox guarding the hen house.

We have to make sure that it is fair. If the tables had been turned and Hillary Clinton had won the presidency with the help of Donald Trump — with the help of Putin — I confuse Putin and Trump because they’re so similar, and the help of all this hacking, the Republicans — how many Benghazi hearings did they have? 15? There would have been articles of impeachment filed already.

I hope this independent investigation is done, and I’m glad finally to see some Republicans calling for it as well.”

President Trump had the last laugh today with this tweet.

Democrats still don’t get it. They need policies that work, not more of the same that caused them to lose election after election.

As if that isn’t enough, Perez thanked everyone for their hard work in 57 states. What’s with the 57 states with these guys?

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6 years ago

Guess they just guaranteed another 4 year for President Trump. Thanks Dems!