DNC Deputy Chair Pushes Socialist Taxpayer-Funded Universal Basic Income

This is our Democrat Party today and they are no longer hiding what they stand for — they want some form of Socialism or worse. The deputy chair of the Democratic National Committee is pushing a taxpayer-funded Universal Basic Income. “It has a lot of merit”, he told a Minneapolis forum.
It’s appealing to people who are out of work — let other taxpayers pay for them.

“I personally do think that universal basic income is a [sic] idea that has a lot merit,” Ellison said. “I don’t think that universal basic income means that people sit around; I think it means do other things that are necessary.”

“There are things that are valuable and important that don’t necessarily have a market value that we should have people doing,” Ellison continued. “You know, like in the 1930s, we paid artists to basically document the Depression. We went out and had writers document rural life in America. There were still people who had been enslaved who were still living. During the Depression we paid people to go interview them so we can keep that knowledge, and you can go to the Library of Congress and listen to them today because of it.”

“I think that it is a very important idea. I’ve written on it,” Ellison added. “I’ve actually thought about having a community meeting on universal basic income because I think it’s—to folks to who know anything about it, there’s a lot of unanswered questions.”

A guaranteed income for people the government believes deserve it. All the rest of us get to pay.


  1. Raise the minimum wage so that robots take over jobs, feed the people a basic income to purchase boxed commercial products to keep the economy going, sounds more like a failed Socialist program by the left.

  2. What is his proposed minimum basic income? I wonder if it exceeds the maximum pay out for Social Security recipients. I wonder who will be eligible to receive it. I wonder if this is just another way for Democrats to gain more voters. They do favor giveaways to people who do NOTHING TO EARN THEIR LIVING…except vote for the giveaways!

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