Days Before Inauguration DNC Puppet Gloria Allred Files Suit Against Trump


Gloria Allred, Hoaxster
Gloria Allred, Hoaxster

Gloria Allred is a DNC puppet. Wikileaks provided proof though it was obvious without evidence. When the Democrats want to damage a Republican, they bring her out. She is out now and announced a lawsuit against Donald Trump for defamation on behalf of Summer Zervos.

Allred says she wants the outtakes from the NBC show, The Apprentice, said to be embarrassing to the new president. She will subpoena them if the case moves forward. Even if there is nothing embarrassing in them, the rumors will fly, a goal in itself.

Summer Zervos, suing over questionable accusations
Summer Zervos, suing over questionable accusations

Allred Joins the DNC Attack Machine

Zervos, a former contestant on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Trump called her a liar and she now wants him to confess to his guilt with her and other women.

Allred is doing this just days before Trump’s inauguration as president. She has joined the army of leftists trying to damage Trump’s presidency.

Zervos isn’t very believable.

The lawsuit says Trump used his position as a presidential candidate to defame Zervos, when he called her a liar for her accusations of misconduct. Late last year, she asked Trump to retract his words, but he never did.

“No one is above the law, including the president-elect, soon to be president of the United States,” hoaxster Allred said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

It’s his word against hers. The lawsuit is garbage but it is intended to humiliate the president. These people have no regard for the country. They’re nasty people.

Allred said that after he was hit with accusations of sexual misconduct, Trump “knowingly, intentionally, and maliciously threw” Zervos and other accusers “under the bus” and called them “liars.”

Zervos said she would be willing to retract the lawsuit if the Republican president-elect retracts the statement he made and acknowledges that her accusations are true.

Allred’s goal, she claims, is to force NBC to turn over tapes from the fifth season of The Apprentice which could allegedly embarrass the President-elect. Perhaps, her goal is simply to say they are and repeat that over and over for however long the lawsuit is in play.

This is what Allred does best — destroys Republicans with amazingly bad timing for the Republicans she’s attacking.

She went after Mitt Romney with scurrilous claims.

Allred’s big “October Surprise” was to claim Romney might have lied under oath about the value of Staples to prevent Stemberg’s wife from walking away with her fair share.

Then there was Gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman who was one of Allred’s victims. Allred found an illegal immigrant who worked for Mrs. Whitman and falsely claimed she was something akin to her slave. The truth didn’t matter. The sound bites berating Whitman were what people remembered even after the truth came out.

This is the letter Summer sent after Trump “forced himself” on her.

Next is the statement from her cousin John Barry who says she’s lying.

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