DNC Serves Wikileaks on Twitter in What Could Be Another Stunt


The Democratic National Committee has served Wikileaks via Twitter. It claims that publishing their emails in 2016 were violations of federal copyright laws and the Trade Secrets Act.

The DNC accuses the site of working with the Trump campaign and Russia to swing the 2016 election in Donald Trump’s favor.

It has the smell of a stunt about it. The DNC is run by a couple leftists and free speech means nothing to them. This appears to be another direct assault on free speech.

The lawsuit was filed in far-left New York City on Friday.

The DNC has been trying to serve Wikileaks since April and received permission from a judge in July.

In a further development, the Senate Foreign Intelligence Committee has called on Julian Assange to testify. Wikileaks says he’s considering it but the conditions have to be right.

KimDotCom has his own theory. He claims he knows Russia didn’t do it and the Mueller indictment of 12 Russians is a scam initiated by Hillary Clinton. “Mueller is a political hitman tasked to end Trump,” he wrote on Twitter.

If he knows, he should fork over the information.

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