DNC Spiked the Football at DNC Convention, Then the mid-East Riots Happened


Would Nakoula Basseley Nakoula be dragged into court twice and threatened with three years in jail on a probation charge for uploading a video if he were not the phony excuse being used by the administration and terrorists for the riots and protests throughout the world. [Update: Nakoula is in jail, remanded without bail.]

Nakoula’s 13-minute movie trailer had been seen by very few people, certainly not the impoverished rioters. It also had nothing to to do with the Cairo and Benghazi attacks. Benghazi was a pre-planned Al-Qaeda attack and Cairo was supported by President Morsi, our ally, our enemy, whatever.

Nakoula does not appear to be an upright citizen but he is a fall guy because the administration is fostering the movie trailer as the reason for the attacks. The terrorists would have found another reason if not this one. Let’s face it, they want Obama re-elected. They’d be stupid not to. They’re not about to use the DNC Convention behavior as an excuse, behavior which was crass to say the least.

Obama doesn’t want people to notice that he spiked the football at the DNC Convention and that he and his minions bragged about killing Osama 23 times throughout the Convention. I can’t wait to see what happens when his self-aggrandizing movie about the killing of Osama, Zero Dark Thirty, comes out. Remember the chants outside the Cairo Embassy – “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama”?


They’re not chanting, Nakoula, Nakoula, we’re all Mohammed.

Spiking the football at the DNC Convention over the murder of Osama bin Laden:


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