DNC Sues Trump! This Is Great, Levin Points Out How Stupid They Are

The Democratic National Committee under Tom Perez and Keith Ellison filed a lawsuit Friday against President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and associates, claiming they colluded with Russia.

This is after the DoJ spent two years trying to dig up something and found nothing. There is a real bright spot here and Mark Levin pointed it out today.

By filing a lawsuit, the Democrats just opened themselves to discovery. Levin explained how a few smart lawyers can turn this around on the Democrats. This fundraising publicity stunt will have real-world consequences for them, not Trump.

I have a question to start. If the DNC knew they were being hacked, why didn’t they let the FBI look at their servers? There are so many other questions they will have to answer and don’t want to answer.

“How stupid is the Democrat National Committee? Very.” Levin said.

CNN’s political analyst and Democrat Rep. Jackie Speier have already weighed in and said the lawsuit is a bad idea.

President Trump is happy about it as well he should be.


  1. This should prove interesting. In order to have a successful lawsuit don’t they need maybe some evidence? I think this is nothing but a hail mary pass to try and sway the upcoming elections,CNN, ABC, NBC, MSLSD will ALL be on board to help them twist and turn the actual truth which is a last gasp to keep the Trump Russian-collusion, obstruction or whatever narrative going, because the Mueller BS is falling apart

  2. The DNC has already wiped their computers and reinstalled the OS.

    But according to the DNC’s filing, the committee may have destroyed all the evidence of the alleged hack by Russia of the DNC emails: “As a result of the persistence of the Russian state-sponsored infiltration, in order to remove the unauthorized users from its network, the DNC was required to decommission more than 140 servers, remove and reinstall all software, including the operating systems, for more than 180 computers, and rebuild at least 11 servers.”

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