Assange’s Presser: FBI-NSA-ODNI Authenticated All Wikileaks Documents


The FBI, NSA, ODNI authenticated the Podesta, Clinton, team Clinton, DNC emails which means that all those falsehoods, hypocrisy, conniving, twisting of reality in the emails is factual. Those who came out from the media and the Democratic Party after the releases to say they were forgeries were giving inaccurate information.

Wikileaks founder and editor, Julian Assange, spoke for a little over an hour this morning, answering questions by twitter users. His initial statement was to call the Department of National Intelligence report a press release. It was an embarrassment to the intelligence services and provided more proof that they have been politicized.

Assange concluded the press conference by saying the purpose of the DNI report is to protect Democrats going in to the 2018 and 2020 elections and it is a means to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump.

Assange Statement

Bulk of DNI Report Came from 2012 Report from Newspaper Sources

As Assange said this morning, and which is provably true, the bulk of the information came from a 2012 open source report. Open sources are newspaper articles and other public documents anyone can obtain.

No evidence was provided and certainly none to show it was done to help Donald Trump. There was no evidence of Russian hacking in the report, Assange said. For the eighth, ninth, however many times, Assange said the documents did not come from the Russian government directly or indirectly.

Why Are the Time Frames Missing?

One important point he made concerned time frames. The DNC said they were attacked starting in 2015 and Wikileaks emails are dated March 2016. During that time Trump is not a serious contender, but rather he was likely to lose. The CIA report deliberately obscures the assessments in relation to time frames. That is a key to the politicization of the report, he advised.

The DNI report claims it doesn’t know when the DNC was hacked. Clapper is in charge of all 17 intelligence organizations and still claims they don’t know when Wikileaks got their hacks. The time frame is obscured. Assange contends it was a deliberate obfuscation.

Deliberate Conflation

Another key point concerned the conflating of different entities in the media and by the government. The media conflated the Wikileaks release to the hacking of machines — that led to 54% of Democrats thinking Russians hacked the machines.

Another conflation was DC leaks and Guccifer being conflated with Wikileaks but Wikileaks is entirely different.

The Documents Are Authenticated by FBI-NSA-ODNI

Most importantly, of all the key features of the report mentioned by Assange was authenticity of the documents.

The DNI report said they could not determine forgeries in Wikileaks publications. Wikileaks includes authentications but now the FBI/NSA/ODNI all agree they are authentic.

Assange gave examples of lies by Democrats concerning the leaked emails. DNC Chair Donna Brazile conveyed a deliberate falsehood when she said they were not authentic. Podesta claimed they were falsified and that too was a lie. All the spokespersons lied to the public when they said there were forgeries in their publications.

One other interesting comment he made about the report concerned the semantics. The NY Times quotes government officials saying Wikileaks material came from a hacking group endorsed by Russian intelligence services but they use words like “relayed” or “proving of relayed”. That, Assange says correctly, is a very vague description.

How much evidentiary weight does Assange think the report has? “It is literally zero”, he said, again, correctly, adding, “no evidence is supplied”. The closest thing to evidence, he pointed out, is the open source reporting from 2012, but open sources are from media reports “anyone can do and find”.

It is interesting to note that he said there are at times sources within the US government. He used an example of leaked State Department emails.

Assange added that if it was a government that leaked the information, Wikileaks would not be as protective.

Answers to Questions

Records Are Being Destroyed

The remainder of the information came from questions asked by twitter users.

Assange’s personal safety situation is difficult., he said, and he will talk about that tomorrow on reddit.

One claim he made is very concerning, and he alluded to it on twitter, but was much more definitive this morning. Massive records are currently being destroyed in different departments and agencies. It is happening now and it happens when an administration leaves office.

Wikileaks believes these records are part of history. They belong to the American people and to the world. The destruction of archives should be a crime against humanity. Records like this are how we understand the world around us.

It is an “egregious act to destroy major elements of human history”, he said. It is an “obscenity”. Wikileaks has offered a $30,000 reward for the exposure of anyone engaged in the destruction of such historical records.

Wikileaks recommends people in government should take the data to be destroyed and give it to Wikileaks or the media. It does not belong to the political party.

Did Wikileaks Prefer Trump to Win?

Wikileaks didn’t choose to do what they did to hurt Clinton. They believed Clinton was almost certain to win. Apart from her poor qualifications, donors cashed out because they thought she was a shoe-in. They would have forked over 5 billion instead of 1 billion to be sure she won.

The question was asked  if Wikileaks preferred Trump to win. The response: Wikileaks interests…Assange’s personal interests…we were creating substantial conflict between Wikileaks and the person who was expected to be president. We understand we were increasing our risks doing what we were doing. About Trump, it’s interesting, the US population turned against the elites in the US. When the elites don’t listen to the population, the population stops listening to elites. When elites pushed so hard, the population saw the social conflict is with the elites who don’t like Trump. So, they voted for Trump, the man elites were appalled by. It was an effort to pull down those existing walls.

Wikileaks thinks there are a lot of bad cabinet picks. Some picks are interesting. It might have opened up DC in a bad way or in some ways good.

Assange noted that the reformation that should be happening in the Democratic Party – it’s obvious why they lost – they rigged the primary and they didn’t end up with the most competitive candidate. There were only three primary candidates in the Democratic Party because of the “fixing” in the structure…then the marginalizing of Bernie Sanders. The Democratic Party ruling class is fighting like dogs to keep the base from throwing them out which is what would normally happen.

Yes, Wikileaks was the most talked about topic on Facebook and Twitter, he said, but what was discussed were the words of Hillary Clinton, Podesta, and her team hypocrisy, twisting of words, deceit. Should the American people be deprived of that information?

Assange’s Views on FOIA and Trump or Clinton Presidency

He was asked about the Freedom of Information Act and whether he supports it. Prior to today, he had said he does, it’s a legalized form of leaking.

However, he said, it is unfortunately managed by government departments. If you get enough money, time, courts to agree, you might get information. Government agencies keep back information. For example, the DoJ has a very serious ongoing investigation against Wikileaks and this information is being held and will never be released.

Assange said he didn’t hope for any particular candidate. Clinton was a consolidation of the liberal regime and the ruling class, creating a space that would be harder for companies like Wikileaks to operate in. Some of Trump’s people are very hostile towards Wikileaks with some saying they want to execute Assange.

Clinton is a consolidation of the existing regime. Under Obama and Clinton, the administration prosecuted more journalists, three times as many, as all presidents combined.

On the other hand, Trump is destabilizing, which is bad and good.

The Democrats are trying to shackle Trump to not being a legitimate president, he continued, for the next four years probably. Even if you believe hacking affected the election, what are we talking about in terms of impact.


Assange concluded saying the DNI report protects Democrats going to the 2018 and 2020 elections and it is a means to delegitimize the election of Donald Trump.

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This is a fine summary.