Do NOT CLOSE GITMO: An Army Major Issues a Stern Warning


Maj. Granger
Major Montgomery Granger

GITMO is about to be closed and terrorists will come to US prisons to radicalize other prisoners. Barack Obama is convinced GITMO is a security risk and will release a plan to close it this week. If Congress won’t do as he says, he has suggested that he will use an Executive Order.

Rand Paul weighed in mid-October:

“We voted on it many times in Congress, and while I do think that we should charge the people in Guantanamo Bay and go ahead and give them adjudication and sentence them, I think that really shutting it down, you have to have an answer as to what you’re going to do with these people,” he said on CNN’s The Situation Room, “and I think bringing them to our country is not the answer.”

Major Montgomery Granger, who served at GITMO, spoke with Fox News host Steve Doucy Monday about the closing. I know Major Granger personally and he is a very trustworthy and exceptional person.

The Major mentioned a number of problems. For one, their family and friends will follow them and they will bring their radical Islamic faith with them. They are capable of taking over local governments and installing Sharia.

Our enemies – their friends –  will claim refugee status, try to get student visas, tourist visas, any way they can to get to the nearest towns and cause problems, Granger said.

In my research, it has become apparent that radical Islamists aren’t only looking to kill us, they are looking to infiltrate our political system.

If not that, they can cause a lot of problems in other ways, Granger warned. Right now, GITMO is isolated and is the best, safest place for the “unlawful combatant Islamists who want to kill us.”

The ones remaining are the worst of the worst. Very few who were there were also capable of being repatriated.

Thirty percent of those released have gone back to fighting but what about the other seventy percent tried in US prisons and often freed.

The Pentagon supports this because the only people on the Pentagon staff are politicians. There are no military. He has politicized the Pentagon.

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Ernad fafoofnick
Ernad fafoofnick
6 years ago

Leave Gitmo open. It would make a terrific replacement for Alcatraz. Why build anymore supermaxes when we have this one already.