“Do-over Dems” Ditch Middle Class for “Ground Hog Day” Impeachment Farce


As a child playing “self-regulated sandlot sports” with other pre-teen kids, few things were more annoying than sore losers claiming that a clearly correct call going against them required a “do-over!”.   Even more galling was, it was usually the same crew of cry-babies trying to overturn the results of a game they’d plainly lost.

And while few youngsters today compete unless there are parents, coaches, umps, or referees on hand, we can be sure, given the average age of Democrat congressional members, they’d probably recall our opening scenario.  And, given their current string of losing efforts to by-pass voters and rid themselves of President Donald Trump, it’s certainly looking like they’ve become the spoiled sports screaming “Do-over!”. 

Meanwhile, Dems take no apparent interest in the best economy in years, record low unemployment, and optimistic consumers;  perhaps because they’ve had nothing to do with all that good news.  

Which also means they cannot take credit for this remarkable boost for, what used to be their base, of blue-collar workers: “Since President Trump’s election, the unemployment rate for those without a high school degree has fallen at a faster rate than the unemployment rate for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The decrease has narrowed the gap between the unemployment rate for non-high school graduates and the unemployment rate for college graduates to 2.8 percentage points, matching the lowest gap ever seen…”.

Nancy Pelosi’s response is to lie about inflation and the GOP’s position on protecting people with pre-existing medical conditions. “America’s farmers, workers and families are facing an uncertain future as the cost of living soars and Republicans continue to try to destroy life-saving protections for people with pre-existing conditions.”

What’s happened to the middle class’ workingman/woman’s party?  They’ve ditched their previously reliable voters and gone all vendetta to keep out, or remove from power, folks like Justice Brett Kavanaugh and President Donald Trump.   

Having initially failed with both the judge (got Senate approval) and prez (no Russian collusion) cries of “Do over!” translated into howls for impeachment.  The charges against Kavanaugh were so baseless he’s been left alone…for now.  But an increasingly loud, hard left, the socialist base won’t abide by anything less than Trump being impeached.  Never mind the consequences for our nation.

For those voters who remember the movie, Groundhog Day, it may seem as if they’re becoming Bill Murray’s character, Phil Connors.  He quickly morphs from skeptical, to someone increasingly agitated and frustrated about waking up and reliving the same day, over and over again.  

On a political and policy level, that’s become pretty much what Dems are offering. They’re ditching the Middle Class for Do-overs and a Groundhog Day-style impeachment farce. 

The Democrats better hope working-class men and women, disappointed with the party’s priorities, don’t react like Phil Connors.  

Please enjoy this short clip.

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