Do You Know How Obama Is Going to Legalize All Illegal Aliens?


The House Republicans will either support amnesty or they will be portrayed as hating Latinos, an absurd label, but it has worked in the past and it will work in time for the 2014 elections.

The only ones keeping Obama from assuming complete power are the much-maligned Republicans in the House. Many in the Senate have capitulated or agree with the leftist views.

When Mr. Obama appointed Jeh Johnson to head up the Department of Homeland Security, he didn’t appoint a law enforcement officer like Ray Kelly, he appointed a civil rights attorney who has set policy on border security from the Pentagon. He is a civil rights attorney who will be more concerned with illegal alien rights than with those of citizens. If Mr. Obama can’t get a law legalizing illegals with a chain migration clause, he will simply do it through agencies and other means.

Sen. Sessions statement on DHS nominee Johnson:

“ICE officers report that ‘violent criminals are released every day back into communities,’ and they even sued the DHS Secretary herself over the non-enforcement directives they have received. USCIS caseworkers report that they are being forced to ‘rubber stamp’ immigration applications. Enforcement has collapsed, officer morale has plummeted, and the integrity of the entire immigration legal system is in jeopardy.

Mr. Johnson will have to demonstrate the following to the Senate according to Sen. Sessions:

    • A commitment to achieving management control of this sprawling department and its law enforcement duties.
    • A determination to restore the depleted morale of immigration officers who have been blocked from doing their jobs.A resolve to enforce the laws of the land, and a repudiation of the far-reaching non-enforcement protocols issued by the prior DHS Secretary.
    • This nomination should focus the attention of the Congress and the country on the open refusal of DHS political appointees to impartially execute their law enforcement mission.”

Other efforts to force amnesty are on the  horizon.

The Obama administration entered into an agreement with Mexico’s government that it will prevent discrimination against illegal aliens in U.S, workplaces and the U.S. will educate them about their civil rights and minimum wage laws.

The Department of Labor and the EEOC plan to ‘vigorously’ pursue all cases involving discrimination against illegals in the workplace according to their own public statements. According to Judicial Watch, theses two agencies signed the agreement to do exactly this with the Mexican government.

This actually began back in 2009 as part of Obama’s broader push for amnesty.

North Carolina recently passed a voter ID law requirement for registration – not for voting – just a one-time registration and are being sued for it by the DOJ. Texas is also being sued for the same reason. The concern is that illegals, among other ineligible voters like dead people, are voting. Illegals are overwhelmingly in support of Democrats.

For the past three years, the Mexican consulate has visited the more than 24,000 Mexicans living in Western North Carolina counties to provide them with ID’s, renewed passports, and other services to enable them to stay here, perhaps indefinitely. Basically, the are giving Mexican nationals – many of whom are here illegally – ID cards.

The far-left Socialist George Soros funds a National Immigration Forum (NIF) and is organizing a ‘fly-in’ which he pretends is a call from conservtives from across the country to lobby the House Republicans for an amnesty bill. They are not conservatives but they do include liberals like Mark Zuckerberg’s, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomber’s Partnership for a New American Economy.

They want more cheap foreign labor at the expense of poor white, legal Latinos, and black Americans.

They will lobby Republicans to legalize the millions of people here illegally while using it to demonize Republicans as Latino-haters which is far from the truth. Republicans want safe borders and we want people to adhere to our immigration laws because we are a country with borders.

According to the Wall Street Journal, groups like the Chamber of Commerce and the Business Roundtable are thinking about “backing challengers to tea-party conservatives in GOP primaries, increasing political engagement with centrist Republicans.”

It’s about the bottom line for the Chamber.

Zuckerberg’s FWD will be hosting a Hackathon for DREAMers to push for legalization. It’s a future workers’ pool. He also wants the legalization of all illegals out of his own convictions.

Meanwhile US workers can’t get jobs in the field easily and the unemployment rate is increasing. Electrical engineers face an ever-increasing unemployment rate. In 2002 the U.S. had 385,000 employed electrical engineers; in 2004, post bubble, it was at 343,000. It reached 382,000 in 2006, but has not risen above 350,000 since then, according to U.S. Labor Data. That is alarming.

Mexican nationals brazenly blocked a deportation bus near the San Fran immigration office. Dozens of illegal immigrants are hoping to pressure Mr. Obama – who doesn’t need any pressure and is looking for this type of support.

They carried signs saying, Keep Families Together, the most powerful ploy to convince Americans the moral battle is not to secure our borders but to keep illegals here legally along with their families through a chain migration system.

If we legalize more than 11 million illegals and their families, we will quickly see 30 – 40 million here. It will fundamentally transform the United States and we cannot afford it. The dependents of these poor, largely migrant workers, will strain the schools and social service systems. You may or may not like the change.

Not everyone agrees with blanket amnesty proposals:


LA Conservative group protesting,  (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Now that a failed attempt at defunding or delaying Obamacare has robbed House Republicans of much needed capital, the Obama amnesty plan is ever more a problem.

From the Washington Times concerning the gang of eight amnesty bill that passed the Senate:

RedState blogger Daniel Horowitz analyzed the bill, finding that it “fails to mandate any specific trigger for legalization”. Should the Secretary of Homeland Security put forth a plan for securing dangerous points along America’s borders in a half-year period, illegals then become eligible for Registered Provisional Immigrant status.

Horowitz wrote that “(t)he bill prescribes a 12-month open enrollment process for the RPI status….it cedes a lot of power to the Secretary, who will have the authority to extend the application period for another 18 months….Now, we know from the conditions of the bill that almost every illegal in the country could be eligible for RPI status until proven otherwise.  In fact, even some aliens already deported can come back and apply for the status.”

The Homeland Security Department will be made to allow illegals, even those in custody, to apply for RPI status. In Jeh Johnson, they will have a willing collaborator.

“During this period of no deportations,” Horowitz said, “many more people will come here illegally or overstay their visas.  What would be the deterrent?  Does anyone really believe that after the application process is over, they will suddenly make a 180 and deport those who didn’t come forward?”

Making matters worse is “given that the E-verify and watered-down visa tracking system don’t have to be implemented for 10 years, we will be dealing with many more illegals.” That’s not all, though: “By the time the 10-year deadline comes due to grant the RPI illegals green cards and citizenship (unconditionally within 3 years), we will probably have more illegals than we have now.”

Finally, Horowitz told that the RPI status “will ostensibly halt all deportations for 2.5 years.  Subject to the discretion of the DHS….they could completely shut down deportations because any illegal can potentially be here before 2012….And anyone could potentially be eligible for the Dream Act, because, unlike previous iterations, this one does not mandate a maximum age for eligibility.”

This is only the first salvo from the Obama administration and their supporters on the far-left, Mexico, and the business community. Mr. Obama can indeed multi-task.

All this being said, a reasonable immigration reform plan is needed, one that includes a guest worker program, an assimilation program, and strong border security first.


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