Do You Know What’s Bad About Bob Gates’ Memoir?



Bob Gates, former Secretary of Defense

Bob Gates gave his first interview to CBS News this morning which should give you a good idea of where he was going with this interview. CBS News is solidly in the tank for Barack Obama and all his comrades in the far-left world.

Gates tamped down his negative comments about this administration during the interview. The interviewer’s questions were designed to do exactly that.

Gates said he was seething most of the time he was Secretary of Defense. Getting something done in DC was almost impossible, he opined. He expressed genuine and deep concern for the military and undoubtedly did his best to protect them.

Gates said he wrote his memoir to serve as a clear objective account from his perspective. He didn’t want it to be a political book though he knew it would be used that way.

When the interviewer asked him about comments in the book concerning Congress, he expressed views shared by 91% of the nation though he was a lot harsher than most. He said that the majority of Congress were “uncivil, incompetent in fulfilling basic constitutional responsibilities, parochial, hypocritical, egotistical, too often putting self and re-election before country.” He smiled as he said it and reassured the interviewer that he still believed what he said.

The problem of course is this gives the lawless president another excuse to circumvent Congress.

His comments about VP Joe Biden being wrong on almost every major foreign policy and national security issue for decades were not repeated during this interview. He complimented Biden and said he had a problem with Biden transferring his own suspicions about senior military to Obama.

Gates complimented Hillary, her sense of humor, and the alleged fact that she is tough-minded. He played down the fact that she opposed the surge for purely political reasons.

She does have a sense of humor, dark though it may be. I remember her laughter over Qaddafi being mutilated and slaughtered. She said, “We came, we saw, he died.” Shades of Emperor Julius Caesar who said, “We came, we saw, we conquered,” in reference to his invasion of Britain.

Then came the kicker. Gates said that he thought Hillary would make a good president and then, “to be even-handed,” he said Joe Biden would too.

It is very hard to understand how he could believe that a vice president who is on the wrong side of every national security issue is his idea of a good future president. It is equally difficult to understand how he could think that a woman who makes decisions about wars and about the lives of our fighting men and women based purely on politics would make a good president.

Did the IRS threaten to audit him? Maybe he got a phone call from Mr. Obama? Maybe he’s a little bipolar. He has my head spinning.

Is the reason the president reacted so well to the book’s criticisms because he knew he could make that menacing phone call?

It feels similar to what happened when Mr. Obama kept calling out Justice Roberts before SCOTUS made the decision about Obamacare. After Obama, Axelrod, Biden gave speeches demanding Roberts uphold the individual mandate, Roberts changed his mind and voted for it using convoluted logic, according to leaks out of Justice Scalia’s office.

I’m glad I didn’t order Gates’ book.

Two clips from his interview for your consideration. What do you think?

Bob Gates from Sara Noble on Vimeo.