Do You Want Mandated Psych Testing for Your 5-Year OId? NY Does!



Margaret Markey

Now they want to psych test your little children. What is New York going to do with that information?

A bill introduced by State Senator Margaret Markey, A8186-2013, calls for an amendment to education law to mandate psychological screenings and tests for students in public schools as part of the required health certificate. The mandatory tests would be repeated in high school. The records with this information included must be given to the schools.

Schools now data-mine children’s records and the information could easily become public.

The law reads that a mandatory health certificate “shall also state that a psychological examination was performed and that the child is mentally fit to permit attendance at school.”

That’s not all. The bill further reads: “Each such certificate shall also state the student’s body mass index (BMI) and weight status category.”

What do they plan to do with this information? Why would we need it when New York already has massive regulations and programs for special education?

They also plan to leave it to the school physician or nurse to conduct a blood test for sickle cell anemia in those cases where they believe it is warranted.

This would apply to all new entrants, not just kindergarten children.

The bill can be found at the NYS Senate.

Markey, a Queens legislator, is famous for going after salt in cooking in restaurants and pushing for a sex abuse bill that targeted Catholic schools though the overwhelming majority of sex abuse cases occurred in public schools.

This bill does not have a co-sponsor and will probably go nowhere but people must understand one thing – this is where statists want to go.