Do You Want To Know Who Obama Is? Does Anyone Care?


This was a campaign speech by a politician playing to his base. This is no different than his leaving only 3,000, nearly-defenseless soldiers in Iraq on a suicidal mission, to play to his base. The most political President wants the other side to pass the bill (that doesn’t exist), pass the bill (but we don’t know where the money is coming from), pass the bill (whatever it is), pass the bill (pass it to see what’s in it) and not be political.

Seventeen times, the President said pass this bill. It’s a crisis! How many times have we heard that? We heard it about the Stimulus, the bailouts, the Dodd-Frank Financial Bill, and so on. When he couldn’t create enough of a crisis to get something through, Obama used Executive Orders and government agencies to pass (card check and EPA) business-stifling rules and regulations, circumventing the Congress and SCOTUS. How many Executive Orders will he abandon? 

During his speech, Democratic Socialist, Richard Trumka, sat in front. He only recently threatened Obama that he would withdraw money collected from union dues earmarked for Obama’s election campaign.

Trumka is basically the USA Union President without our receiving any benefits from it; we are the donors. He speaks with the White House every day and speaks with Obama several times a week (his words). He told President Obama to go to the mat in his speech.

Trumka’s statement after the speech was that Obama did indeed go to the mat and has begun a serious discussion on jobs. Don’t mind that it’s three years late.

Obama is owned by the union leaders, union leaders such as Jimmy Hoffa Jr. who say “Let’s take the son(s) of a bitches out” in referring to a population of his fellow Americans. Obama said nothing about the violent rant but did say he was “proud” of Hoffa. This is the same President who wants his opponents to be civil. I have nothing against union workers and their right to unionize, but they have no right to bully the country or own a political party – that’s statism.

Also in the audience, sitting next to Michelle Obama, was Jeffrey Immelt, a jobs czar and CEO of the enormous corporation, GE. GE does not pay U.S. taxes. They sold arms to Iran while our soldiers were fighting in Iraq, and some of the forces they were fighting were Iranian. GE just took their entire jet technology to China. GE is giving our jet technology secrets to China so they can compete with Boeing. Boeing, a true American company, has been sued by the National Labor Relations Board for trying to build in a right-to-work state, which merely means unions are open shops. 

Since open shops do not force union workers to join the union or even pay dues, it would limit the union’s ability to buy the Democratic Party. Collective bargaining is the same thing – forced union dues. Obama made a point of saying he strongly supports collective bargaining – I bet he does.

Getting back to Boeing. Lies are being fostered that Boeing is trying to crush the union in Washington where the workers often go on strike, even forcing Boeing to miss deadlines. Boeing has no intention of leaving Washington, but can you blame them for wanting to build their additional plant in South Carolina, a right-to-work state? South Carolina is the 4th poorest state and needs the jobs Boeing would create. But it’s not about jobs, is it?

Here is a company, Boeing, that hasn’t moved to China, and the Obama administration is telling them where they can build, in a supposedly free country.

The same goes for Gibson. This is an all-American company which actually added over 500 U.S. jobs last year and have not gone to China. Gibson was told in one deposition that if they had the fretboards, which are the subject of a DOJ investigation, made in India instead of the U.S., their problems would go away. Gibson legally and morally obtained partially finished wood for fretboards from India and is now in danger of being closed by the government assault while some in the media lie and claim the wood was illegal.

Who are Obama’s friends? Definitely the 70 member of Congress who are in the Democratic Socialist Caucus, such as Maxine Waters who rails that the Tea Party should all go to Hell. He likes Craig Becker, Socialist, who is head of the NLRB and brought the lawsuit against Boeing. Holder is his friend, the same Holder who ignored the Black Panther bullies and is trying to close down Gibson while all his competitors use the same wood he is being attacked for using.

The job discussion, which Trumka said has begun, is three years late. It included some good things like signing the free trade agreements, which, by the way, are only being held up by Obama.

Obama said he will review and remove more than 500 rules and regulations, while that’s a fraction of what he has added, it’s a start.

Obama talked about quickening the pace of patent approvals, which has been frustrating inventors at a time when we desperately need them to produce jobs. Obama is a little disingenuous in this because the Senate has already acted without him. The Senate has rushed a bill to him for an overhaul of the patent office and all he has to do is sign it.

The patent office has an enormous backlog and many patents take five years to approve. For example, of 1,349 patents issued to Wisconsin inventors last year, 123 took at least five years to issue, with some taking as long as nine years, the newspaper’s analysis found. More information here: jsonline

What would any conversation be without a mention of Obama’s mentor and friend, Reverend Wright. Wright blames the Jews for Obama having to ignore him. Since Wright is an anti-semite, that is not surprising.

Do you remember when Wright said, “God damn America?” He meant the white America that enslaved blacks, he meant Jews, and he meant capitalism. He blames all of us for slavery and for all that he finds wrong with the USA.

I had nothing to do with any of it and I have never been anything but fair to blacks. I refuse to take any responsibility for the sins he said we’ve all committed. We are not a collective, we are individuals.

Obama’s goal is to set it all right with his socialist interpretation of redistribution and collectivism, which will give minorities all that privileged whites have and, he believes, earned illicitly on the backs of minorities and union people. Obama, the great re-distributor, is going to take from those he decides to take from to give to those he feels deserve it, apparently GE takes and Gibson gives.

I’m sure some people are bigots and are treating minorities unfairly, but not most or we wouldn’t have a black President. Everyone wanted him to succeed. What about all the anti-white gibberish? How is that fair? This is a sad situation.

Don’t tell me I can’t call Obama a Socialist. He is moving us towards some form of Socialism at a rapid pace. If he gets re-elected, he will pass the rest of his agenda. He has already told his base that destructive EPA ozone laws will be reviewed in 2013.

I am not privileged. I am not rich. I worked my way out of a slum to earn degrees and buy a home. No one gave me anything. I have never inherited anything.

I am grateful. I am grateful that I could work two jobs, sometimes three, to make a better life for myself and my family. I dedicated much of my career to helping minorities. Class warfare and race-baiting is as evil as it gets. Prejudice over ridiculous things like skin color or religion are contemptible and ignorant. I want us to be a united country of united states where each person has the opportunity to have a better life, without the lie of entitlement, the true enslavement of a society.