Dog Named Sissy Travels 20 Blocks, Slips Into Hospital to Visit Sick Owner



A little Schnauzer named Sissy took off from home, traveling 20 blocks to the hospital where her owner was undergoing treatment for uterine cancer. He was caught wandering around in the hospital, not sure where to go once there.

wandering Sissy

Nancy Francks, 64, has been at Mercy Medical Center in Cedar Rapids. Her husband Dale has been taking care of Sissy and another Schnauzer called Barney.

Sissy's mom Nancy Franks

The husband was worried sick when the dog went missing. He got a call later in the day from hospital security who checked Sissy’s tags with the home phone number listed.

The Francks daughter got permission to take the dog up to see its owner briefly.

“She told her mom, ‘I got a surprise for you!'” Dale Franck said. “My wife was like, ‘How’d you get her in here? Did you sneak her under your coat?”

His daughter said that the “little spoiled brat” ran away from home because she wanted to see her mom, Dale Franck said, though it’s unclear how the dog actually got there.

Mr. Francks isn’t sure how Sissy knew to go to the hospital. He did take the dog with him when he picked up his wife from work next door to the hospital.

Source: Yahoo

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