DoJ Arrest Warrant Issued for Kate Steinle’s Killer


An arrest warrant has been issued for the illegal alien who killed 32-year old San Francisco native Kate Steinle who was simply walking on the pier with her father, arm-in-arm when she was shot in the back. The charge against the killer is for violation of his supervised release from prison.

The Mexican national was acquitted Thursday evening of murder charges in the 2015 killing of Kate Steinle .

Jose Zarate, was convicted of a gun charge but acquitted of all other charges, including manslaughter.

He is facing a year or two or three in jail for the gun charge he was convicted of Thursday. The parole violation carries up to five years in prison.

The seven times felon and five times deported criminal “accidentally” killed Miss Steinle with a stolen gun he happened to find under a bench.

One story Zarate gave is that the Sig Sauer went off accidentally after he shot at some sea lions. Where is PETA when you need them? I have shot one of those and can’t imagine how that thing could possibly go off accidentally.

There were no witnesses.

The warrant was issued in the Western District of Texas.

Zarate was released from jail in 2015 despite the ICE detainer request because he was in the Outlaw hideout of San Francisco which the left likes to euphemistically call a “sanctuary city”.

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Dee Dee
Dee Dee
6 years ago

Zapata’s already been deported 5 times. He’ll just end up back in the U.S. What will it take for those idiot morons in San Fran to figure out they are being used? Maybe if Dianne Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi were shot and killed by an illegal alien felon they may make some changes. They sure don’t protect women in the own community.

6 years ago

Put Jose Zarate on a plane back to Mexico, just don’t land the plane to drop him off, maybe that will send a message to all illegals in the U.S.