DOJ Backs Asian-Americans’ Discrimination Lawsuit Against Harvard


Harvard allegedly discriminated against Asians to give spots to others they felt couldn’t achieve a spot on merit. The school denies it.

“Harvard has systematically discriminated against them by artificially capping the number of qualified Asian-Americans from attending the school to advance less qualified students of other races”, the DOJ reported.

The DOJ has backed a lawsuit claiming racial discrimination.

Harvard came up with a personality test and claimed the Asians did poorly on it since they couldn’t come up with anything else.

The school says its consideration of an applicant’s heritage is part of a holistic approach to application reviews but says it does not employ racial quotas.

The social engineers of the left are pushing affirmative action, picking winners and losers. The ACLU is particularly angry and says Trump’s DOJ will “dismantle progress in racial equity.” The ACLU doesn’t believe in equality or fairness. They believe in the Marxist concept of ‘disparate impact‘.

Harvard Accused of Discrimination in the Name of Inclusion

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