DOJ Defunds Programs for Troubled Youth Which Mention God or Prayer



The DOJ has defunded two successful programs for troubled youths because the Sheriff in charge will not sign a pledge to ban prayer. It has Louisiana sheriffs infuriated.

Thirty thousand dollars was removed from the Young Marines chapter and a youth diversion program by the Department of Justice.  Specifically, the DOJ objects to voluntary student-led prayer and an oath recited by the Young Marines which mentions God.

They also objected to the phrase “love of God” and the Young Marines Creed which states “Keep myself clean in mind by attending the church of my faith.”

This is your government disallowing any mention of God in any public way, even if it helps troubled youth.

The DOJ would not comment. They are so powerful and narcissistic that – like Obama who feels no need to talk with Putin and Xi on matters of urgent national security – they can remain silent and ignore any opponents.

The money could only be restored if the sheriff in charge of the programs writes a letter pledging not engage in even voluntary prayer or use the word “God.” He has refused.

The U.S. military’s commissioning oath and enlistment oath include the phrase, “So help me God.” It won’t be long before that is gone as well.

Is this still the United States of America?

Read the story at Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio


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