DOJ-FBI will pursue sedition and conspiracy charges against rioters


FBI official Steven D’Antuono said Tuesday that the bureau had opened 160 case files related to the alleged U.S. Capitol ‘insurrection.’

The police let quite a number of these people into the building. Do they get charged if they didn’t hurt anyone or steal or vandalize? That would be my concern.

The FBI and DOJ updated the press and the public on the D.C. riot. Unlike their handling of the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, they are speaking out publicly about the riot.

The bureau is looking at conspiracy and sedition charges. That may or may not be justified, and they must investigate and charge to the fullest extent of the law. But the Antifa and BLM admit they want to overturn the government, and nothing was ever done. It’s odd.


They say they are looking into money and travel that funded the Capitol coup. I remember when Rand Paul begged them to do that, and they wouldn’t do it.


Senator Rand Paul, who has been the victim of several life-threatening attacks, believes the police saved his life and the life of his wife in August of last year at the RNC convention.

“They’re attempting to push the police over to get to me, so at one point they push a policeman backward, he stumbles, and he’s trying to catch his balance, and I catch the back of his flak jacket to stabilize him to make sure he’s OK because he’s our defense,” Paul explained. “If he’s down, the mob’s loose on us.”

“I truly believe this with every fiber of my being, had they gotten at us, they would have gotten us to the ground, we might not have been killed, might just have been injured by being kicked in the head, or kicked in the stomach until we were senseless,” he explained.

“You’ve seen the pictures of what they do to you. If the police are not there if you defund the police, if we become Portland, if America becomes Portland, what’s going to happen is people are going to be pummeled and kicked in the head and left senseless on the curb,” he said. “That would have happened to us; I promise you, had we not had the D.C. Police to support us, we are thankful we have police, and we’ve got to wake up. We can’t have the whole country; we can’t have Joe Biden rule the country and have no police. I mean, we can’t walk down the street in D.C. safely now. That’s how bad it is.”

It wasn’t just him. Everyone coming out of the event was attacked, including the Bonginos. No one cared. Paul asked the DC AG to follow the money, and nothing was done.


They said there would be no probe:


After the death of George Floyd, Antifa and BLM, and affiliates launched an attack against the police, the President, and the historical monuments.

The night before, the ‘protesters’ lit fire to trees and St. John’s Church. They assaulted police officers. Fifty Secret Service Agents were hurt. They burned down a small historic building in the park.

Schumer lied in tweet after tweet, claiming rubber bullets and tear gas were used.

Tear gas was NOT used nor were rubber bullets. They were pushed back by the park service. In addition, the protesters were NOT peaceful.

United States Park Police acting Chief Gregory T. Monahan said the crowds were dispersed only after they turned violent.

“At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles, and caustic liquids,” Monahan said in a statement.

Undercover officers heard calls for violence against the police.

They were given three warnings and they became more combative each time.

“No tear gas was used by USPP officers or other assisting law enforcement partners to close the area at Lafayette Park,” Monahan said.


Yet, Chuck Schumer, who tweets in unhinged fashion, continues to lie and so does the media. The media, including CBS News, failed to correct their articles. Schumer lied about tear gas used on the “protesters” here, here, here, and here.

He complained about the threat of military action as well since the riots and looting are so peaceful.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked a resolution proposed by Senate Democrats, led by Chuck Schumer, that would have condemned President Trump’s response to protesters in Washington, D.C., on Monday, when federal law enforcement officers allegedly “forcefully removed” demonstrators from a park across from the White House.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer introduced the resolution on Tuesday, saying on the Senate floor that the removal of the protesters was “appalling” and “an abuse of presidential power.” He attempted to pass the measure by unanimous consent, which does not require a vote by the whole Senate but can be blocked by any member.

Schumer continues to claim the “protests” are “peaceful” and “noble.”



  1. How dare the American people enter the Capitol. How dare they. So what if they pay for it and everything and everyone in it. How dare they.

    We all know it was mostly Antifa and their friends who entered the Capitol. If American veterans and patriots had taken the place it would still be held or burned to the ground.

  2. The gaslighting age. We’ll be longing for 2020 before March even rolls around.
    The FBI? LOL! I saw that teevee on the X-Files and like the red head was like so hot!
    (The birthing person redhead and not the other one)

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