DoJ/FBI Won’t Give Info on Spy to Congress But Selectively Leaks


Information about an informant or a mole inside the Trump campaign is being kept from Congress. However, the media is getting details denied to Congress. Three selective leaks in less than two weeks gives us some information about the spy or spies. The DoJ/FBI won’t give any information to anyone but the anti-Trump media. That should tell us something.

Many believe the information leads to a Professor Halper who had contacts with short-term, low-level campaign advisers Carter Page and George Papadopoulos. That is intelligent guesswork, but that is all it is.

Both campaign workers, Page and Papdopoulos, disappeared from the campaign early on.


The DoJ/FBI planted a story in The Washington Post that appeared in an article on Thursday. The report details a battle between the DOJ and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes for records related to the top secret source/spy/spies/informant.

The biased piece portrays Nunes, Trump and other Republicans as being too aggressive with the request and of aiming to “expose” the identity of the source. GOP lawmakers say they do not intend to release the name.

Allegedly, according to WaPo, the FBI has been working for the past two weeks “to mitigate the potential damage if the source’s identity is revealed.”

It sounds very disingenuous since they have leaked to the media at least three times.

“The bureau is taking steps to protect other live investigations that the person has worked on, and trying to lessen any danger to associates if the informant’s identity becomes known,” WaPo reported.

While complaining about leaks, the WaPo source at the same time gives new details about the person.

“The source is a U.S. citizen who has provided information over the years to both the FBI and the CIA, as the Post previously reported, and aided the Russia investigation both before and after Mueller’s appointment in May 2017, according to people familiar with his activities,” the article reads.

In its May 8 article, WaPo reported that the source is an American who has provided information to the CIA and FBI. The source’s information has also been provided to the special counsel’s Russia investigation, according to WaPo.


The New York Times reported more details in an article about the origins of the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign. Here is what it says deep into the article:

The F.B.I. obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters — a secret type of subpoena — officials said. And at least one government informant met several times with Mr. Page and Mr. Papadopoulos, current and former officials said.

The person is tied to both Page and Papdopoulos, met several times with them, and there MIGHT BE MORE THAN ONE informant.


The Daily Caller report from March 25 describes Stefan Halper, a University of Cambridge professor who was in contact with both Page and Papadopoulos. Halper, a U.S. citizen, is a veteran of three Republican presidential administrations.

Halper, with MI6 and CIA contacts, fits the description but might not be the informant. However, he is the one who lured Papadopoulos to London and he is tied to Carter Page.

WaPo and the NY Times know a lot, possibly the name of the informant(s), but Congress can’t have the information.

The selective leaking is by design.

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Charles Kelvin Adams
Charles Kelvin Adams
5 years ago

HALPER has been identified as a former classmates of Bill Clinton and work for him during the Clinton Administration.

Has this been verified?

5 years ago

The CIA and whatever other intel agencies have been trying to meddle and influence elections,take out dictators in other country’s for decades, all of a sudden their sh**ting their pants about Russia, I don’t buy their BS, its has fallen apart, the pathetic thing is our own Government, CIA/FBI and whatever other soup agencies tried to influence the election for Hillary, it is blew up in their face, and their still trying to remove Trump, who the people elected, this is what banana republics do, hate to say it but I fear our U.S. is going down the sh**ter!

5 years ago

There is no doubt the FBI’s hands are dirty in this mess. In the FISA Court’s release on unmasking the court finds apparent disregard of minimization rules and engaged in similar disclosures of raw 702 information. In footnote 69, on this matter, improper access was granted to contractors put in place by deliberate decisions in an interagency memorandum of understanding, presumably prepared or reviewed by FBI lawyers. No notice given to FISC until 2016. This was during Comey’s Directorship. Certainly Comey doesn’t want the greater public realizing his misdeeds.

Now Clapper is saying it is a “good thing” that FBI was spying on Trump’s campaign. I suspect “Russia” is a diversion from other, more troubling actions by the Federal Government. If Russia is such a concern then why was the “Reset” allowed and not resoundingly criticized.

I think it may go back to at least the “Arab Spring”. There arose a policy by Obama of “Responsibility to Protect”. I further suspect that CIA, were directly, and “wittingly” (ala Clapper) funding terrorist groups and organizations in order to accomplish the Arab uprising. There is enough evidence that Benghazi was a hub to funnel significant weapons to Syria, including anti-Tank ‘toe-missiles’ and other heavy weapons. McCain was part of this also as pictures of him in Syria with “known” terrorists.

How damaging would it be for CIA and other agencies if it were revealed the US was funding and weaponizing terrorist organizations in order to overthrow regimes in the Arab world. This may have been a continuation of the ignorant Bush believing this country could “democratize” the Arab world. Did they forget, or not know, Bin Laden “welcomed” the idea of “democracy” in Iraq. A “vote” would solidify the extremist takeover of an Arab country.

Is THIS why Clapper and Brennan are so vehemently anti-Trump. Trump was quite outspoken on the campaign trail about our involvement in the Middle East and also the Intelligence Community. It is quite logical that there would be a deep fear that electing Trump could very well expose such a clandestine operation. What would the response be by Congress and the public if it were revealed this country was siding with Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Why was there no praise for Trump by those two when ISIS was defeated so quickly when, under their direction, ISIS became widespread. Therefore, by keeping the focus on Russia no one is looking at THEM and their actions supporting terrorists.

5 years ago

The completely corrupt DOJ will not cooperate unless forced to. Trump will receive no assistance whatsoever from Sessions. Trump must issue edicts, hopefully in a way which extremely irritates Sessions. Break some eggs. If Sessions & Rosenstein will not obey orders then firing is fully justified.