DOJ FISA report conclusion sounds very underwhelming


The DOJ FISA report is expected to clear James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok, according to The New York Times. There might be some slaps on the wrist, according to the Times review of the draft.

According to the newspaper’s report,  the investigation of Inspector General Michael Horowitz condemns the FBI’s effort to seek an order to wiretap campaign advisor Carter Page as “sloppy and unprofessional.”

There were “mistakes.”

The draft also criticizes an FBI agent in New York for that agent’s handling of the case and regrets the lack of coordination by the FBI and Justice Department, according to The Times.

The Times said the investigation named FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith as an individual who “altered an email that officials used to prepare to seek court approval to renew the wiretap.”

Clinesmith had been part of the investigation into alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia until February 2018, when the inspector general’s investigation found he was anti-Trump, The Times reported.

After Trump was elected, Clinesmith had texted a Justice Department official that “the crazies won finally” and he called Vice President Mike Pence “stupid.”

The Times indicated that the Horowitz report downplays the significance of a now-discredited dossier compiled by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele.

Allegedly, the report will find there were grounds to proceed with the investigation.

If true, this will be quite underwhelming. The report sounds like 500 pages of worthless blather aimed at whitewashing the entire fiasco.

It wouldn’t be a surprise since Horowitz has presented whitewashed reports on Benghazi and FBI abuses.

Carter Page is less than impressed after it ruined his life.

“It’s more of the same,” Page told Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” on Friday.

“We’ve known about this hoax for so long and all of the wrongdoing and unfortunately, there’s been no real action to address these issues so it’s a positive but it’s not anything amazing,”



  1. The big build is a dud, protecting the Elites and Deep State higher ups, there is no more rule of law, Sick and tired of the same old BS.

  2. The OIG must get past FBI brass to agree with their findings. This is why it’s reported the bias by FBI agents could not be proved even when the “low level” lawyer fired defamed Trump and voters. The OIG is a joke and never resulted in one conviction of anybody in this whole scam. Even McCabe is on TV as an analyst and Brennan still has his top secret clearance. The bureaucrats run the country.

  3. It was said the Commie MSM would down play it. But IG Horowitz last report was a Big Dud. I think fear walks the Halls in Congress. Fear of Ratting on the Establishment and being Epsteined.

    So with that being said I’ll have to wait and read it before I believe one word from the MSM.

    • How was it a dud. other than it was the very first IG report I remember where the House refused to consider it, or read it, or discuss it, or hold hearings on it.

      That is how explosive the IG report on Comey’s lying and leaking. The Democrats in the House completely ignored it. If it supported yours and their narrative they would have focused on it for months.

  4. The last time I heard Horowitz speak he was not impressive. He needs to be replaced. It’s possible he’s got manure on his nose too. You can’t trust any of the the lockstep marionettes in government or the media. I doubt they’ll be anything in that report that would be surprising. Just another waste of time and OUR taxpayer money. DC was malaria breeding swamp and still is a quagmire infested by fork tongue reptiles. SSDD

  5. Sounds like the New World Order – AKA Bush, Clinton, $oros, Bush, Obama rules the Deep State… Just watch “The Family” on Netflix….

  6. It is called getting out ahead of the story and trying to condition your fellow cult members that it is not so bad as the NT Times tries to unwrap one crime at a time. So when the real report comes out people say: “Is that all it is? 55 crimes? Heck I knew that from the NY Times, this is a disappointment.”

    At least that is what the grubers are banking on. We’ll see if the people are fooled by them.

  7. This is consistent with numerous indications that the DOJ is part of the coup, and also consistent with Barr’s actions/inactions.

    The IG is an internal audit used by Barr to stall justice during a national emergency. Meanwhile Barr goes off on this big conspiracy investigation and throws away solid criminal referrals. Soon it will be March with no indictments. Then during election season Barr will do nothing.

  8. It should sound underwhelming. Horowitz and Huber have had nearly two years to scrub, destroy, redact and alter any actionable evidence against the deep state actors. Should read like a James Patterson “novel” now, pointless and nothing to it.

  9. How did the NY Times get the report and I am not
    a believer of the fake news reporting.I am not that
    gullible!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk smack after Dec 9th we shall see!!!!!

  10. The reports will probably be against the Republicans as the Dems are totally innocent. Only Republicans ever do anything wrong. Dems are working for the good of the people. How wonderful Nancy Pelosi is that she prays for Trump. She will cry as they pull the switch on the electric chair as Trump is fried. She is a Saint. A Saint Bernard. FU !!!

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