DOJ IG Is Investigating Anti-Trump Agent Peter Strzok for Hatch Act


This is breaking news. The DoJ Inspector General Mike Horowitz is investigating anti-Trump, pro-Hillary FBI agent Peter Strzok for Hatch Act breaches. The Hatch Act of 1887, amended in 1993, bars only the misuse of official authority or influence, and misuse of work place and official duties. The Hatch Act Reform Amendments of 1993 permit most federal employees to take an active part in partisan political management and partisan political campaigns.

The only punishment for Hatch Act violations is removal from the person’s government/official position. However the issues are more complicated than simply the Hatch Act.

Paul Sperry, the former Bureau Chief for the Washington DC office of Investor’s Business Daily, is currently a Hoover Institution Media Fellow. He believes no one in the Trump White House will be convicted of collusion with Russia. As we have heard before, there is no such crime as collusion. The people indicted so far are only going down for process crimes with no primary crime.

Sperry asks some great questions about McCabe who came up in the emails as possibly being part of the plan to take down Trump. McCabe is already under investigation for his involvement in his wife’s political campaign and other issues from what we’ve heard.

McCabe’s name comes up in hearings over and over again.

Under Comey’s leadership, the FBI became biased and unprofessional.

The word “impeachment” is coming up because Rep. Nadler is running for John Conyers lofty and desirable committee position on his constitutional expertise. Sperry believes the Democrats fear Pence more. We are not so sure. Pence might not be as tough as Trump, especially if Trump is forced out of office.


Mueller apparently has another coffee boy in his crosshairs. It’s unfortunate that he feels to need to draw a net around nobodies.

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